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Re: Help! Had gallbladder surgery and doing awful due to ibs, anyone else....

Re: Help! Had gallbladder surgery and doing awful due to ibs, anyone else....

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Posted by CP on October 15, 2000 at 11:08:26:

In Reply to: Help! Had gallbladder surgery and doing awful due to ibs, anyone else.... posted by Gallbladder surgery blues on October 15, 2000 at 00:02:53:

: I had gallbladder surgery about nine weeks ago and have been so sick since. I felt better with my disease gallbladder which was only functioning at 14 percent, but I didn't have no stones. Diseased due to replacement hormones. I had nothing but stomach problems, especially ibs problems. Mostly with my ibs before surgery I just had constipation, only had loose stools when under stress. Now I have loose stools all the time, am on a bland strict diet, helps, but once it starts it is hard to get it to stop. Have lost about 25 pounds since surgery. My stomach stays sore, especially if I am having loose stools, or if I having normal bowel movements, will still hurt around the belly button area. Has anyone else had this problems and when does it go away or just get some better? I been told that it will get better, might not get competely better, but better than what it is now. Ii had two weeks of not having problems and then wham right back. Now I just so stressed out from the problems, so that is not helping at all. My stomach just gurgles, rolls, feels like bubbles in it, flutters, is this ibs? like I said mine was only minor ibs until this surgery. Why don't the doctors tell you that this can happen? I felt better when I had my gallbladder in me, at least I knew that the awful attacks I was having would eventually go away. I had to go to a tummy doc and he said that 30 percent of gallbladder surgeries turn out this away and my ibs was making mine worst. Any suggestions or advice or just info on others having this problem and getting better would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I know what you feel. The same with me. when Gall blader went out I was no better ( 8 months ago) and still have problems. It took abaut 3 months for the diarrhea to stop after I found this board and started taken fiber.Read HARRY'S postings about Fber. It helps alot. I also put a heating Pat on my belly at times it seams to help. My Dr.also told me with IBS it could take up to a Year when gall blader is removed to heal and adjust the excess bile will just come out like diarrhea. I feel Dr.s don't know to much about IBS. I found more solutions on this board than from the DR. Start metamucil right away in a 8 oz glass of water 2 times a day. IT HELPS! read up on other fibers and see what works best for you. For the pain ask your Dr. for meds. I am taking BENTYL. It is to reduce the cramps and all other pain in your belly. However there are other pills on the market. Good Luck, CP

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