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Re: This one is for Harry or anyone who can help

Re: This one is for Harry or anyone who can help

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Posted by Mary on October 16, 2000 at 08:39:14:

In Reply to: Re: This one is for Harry or anyone who can help posted by Harry on October 16, 2000 at 00:11:10:


Just a suggestion here:

I've tried Metamucil but drinking slimy thick goo just doesn't do it for me, so now I'm trying Fiber Choice by CNS. So far so good. It's made with Fructan (a natural vegetable fiber; I take 2 every moring with my vitamins. Which are 1 a day for women, Vitmin C, and Caltrate 600+D. I try avoid dairy products, they tend to add to the constipation.

If I'm having one of those bad days which happen ever so often, I take Phillips Milk of Magnesia. 1 point here, I only use it once in a great while. Using laxatives more than that can harm your digestive tract, and cause irreptable damage!!!

The general rule is: about a teaspoon will cure the aches and pains, 2 or more tbls. will clean you out! I don't recommend this route . . . It's painful, scarry, and draining on the body. A longer but safer route is to just consistantly add fiber to your diet. The recommendations are 25 grams of fiber per adult per day. That's the standard, believe it or not! That's how much ALL adults need everyday!

That's a hard task to achieve everyday; breakfast is a good place to start! Getting your fiber in early in the day, is your best bet. Any fiber on top of that is icing on the cake!

I'd say it's a sure bet that there are quite a lot of people that have this condition; and no doubt that it's hereditary. Take for instace the fact that since we as humans have periodically and more so recently have continually reduced our intake of natural fiber. The more we process our food the less fiber we get.

So with that theory, it's no wonder more and more people are concluding that they have this problem. I'm saying your ancestors may have had this condition, but since they didn't process their food to the extremes that they are these days. Which I comically refer to as cardboard food; no taste and what are we really eating, sometimes it makes me wonder! In fact if it was made out of cardboard it would contain fiber! What an irony!

A good rule here: If you can't iddentify at first glance, don't put it in your mouth! Stick to the good old basics, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains.

Another trooper in the fight to regain control of my digestive tract!



: : Harry or anyone else,

: : You seem to know alot about the fiber deal. If you start to have the diarehha more often , do you increase fiber or lessen it? I take one ine the morning and one in the evening, but I am still having the stomach aches. The cold chills go right through me. I am on Imodium right now. I cut out all gluten, but had the blood test down and it's not that. I introduced chicken back into my diet. I am at a loss for what to eat. i've lost 45 lbs and can not take this to much longer. Has anyone tried a homeopathic Dr. before? Please give me any advice. It would be appreciated.

: Hi Maureen,
: Sorry about your problems.You sure seem to have your share!! You did not say what type of fiber you were taking twice a day. If you are using psyllium capseules --take at least 4 a day. I use Equate(sugar free) Powder from Wal Mart and it says take 1 rounded TEASPOON in 8 oz. of water(liguid) 3 times a day. So,I don't think you are taking enough. My bottle also says on the label"natural fiber laxative" but several years ago it said,"Bowel Regulator". I know it sound somewhat scarey but if you take it---it will work --makes your stool at loose but not watery thus slowing down the diarrhea. Psyllium absorbs water and it does not give it all up in your colon so stools are gentle not like TNT. Your colon will just work like it is suppose to funcion.

: There was a person named Maureen that posted a message on 9/6/00 about using Questran---I assume you are not her??? You may want to ask your Doc about using it.

: By having so much diarrhea you are probably short on all vitamins and minerals and even protein. Lack of several minerals can cause you to be sore and hurt.Particularly calcium and magnesium --a shortage of these can cause spasms and cramping.
: I think you may also have some Trigger foods that cause diarrhea. Try to find them and eliminate them from your Diet.Eat rice, rice milk, fresh organic fruits and veggies, almonds, almond milk, fresh organic poultry and fish, grains like millet and quinoa, flaxseed meal and seeds most people are not intolerant or sensitive to these!!

: By the way I have used Homeopathy for 25 years.I have seen them do things that border on the Miraculous. So, if you know one---go see him ASAP.
: God Bless----Harry

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