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Re: Abdominal pain

Re: Abdominal pain

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Posted by Ann S. on October 17, 2000 at 16:36:38:

In Reply to: Re: Abdominal pain posted by Elisa on October 17, 2000 at 12:04:03:

: To Harry: I have recently heard that calcium with magnesium actually increases the D.and that we should switch to a calcium supplement without magnesium. What do you know about that.

: Elisa:


Once when I rushed in to the Dr. cause the pain was so bad that I thought it had to be something besides IBS, the Dr. told me to take some 'over the counter' stuff that had magnesium in it. In my 30yrs. with IBS, I have never experienced pain and D so bad! I believe Harry gives very, very, good advice, but after that, it's the one thing I would be afraid to try. Ann

: My wife has been suffering with (allegidly IBS] for 12 months,She has had ultra scans,Barium meals,Probes in both ends!!!.And alas to no avail,She has only been tols that she has IBS. The problem is that its affecting the whole family as we can't plan anything as she is in Sevear abdonimal pain nearly every day.As soon as she wakes up,she rolls in agony for about 1 hour,but as the day progresses she gets better, To the point that at night she doesn't want to go to bed,as she fears waking up in pain.Could someone please shine any light on this matter.She has given up all Dairy produce,and wheat free products.Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

: : : Paul.

: :

: : Hi Paul,

: : You didn't mention her bowel movements and if they are connected to her Pain or what her DOC is doing for her???.So, I assume she has diarrhea---if so essential nutrients are being washed out of her colon.Has she tryed Bentyl or Levsin for the Pain? Cramping and spasms are associated with lack of calcium and magnesium and some others.They need to be replaced!!!

: : I hope she is taking a water soluble fiber like Metamucil and drinking plenty of liquid.It helps regulate BMs.

: : God Bless----Harry

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