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Paul Re: Abdominal pain

Paul Re: Abdominal pain

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Posted by Ann S. on October 17, 2000 at 17:04:10:

In Reply to: Abdominal pain posted by paul palmer on October 16, 2000 at 22:58:10:

: My wife has been suffering with (allegidly IBS] for 12 months,She has had ultra scans,Barium meals,Probes in both ends!!!.And alas to no avail,She has only been tols that she has IBS. The problem is that its affecting the whole family as we can't plan anything as she is in Sevear abdonimal pain nearly every day.As soon as she wakes up,she rolls in agony for about 1 hour,but as the day progresses she gets better, To the point that at night she doesn't want to go to bed,as she fears waking up in pain.Could someone please shine any light on this matter.She has given up all Dairy produce,and wheat free products.Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

: Paul.


I've always felt guilty when family plans are altered because of my IBS. Family understanding & concern help! I've had IBS for 30 yrs., but it was only the last few yrs. that it became an almost daily problem. Hormone changes can make it worse. A few yrs. back, I went to the Mayo clinic and they prscribed a low dose antidepressant to calm the muscles that cause the spasms, and thus the pain. Also, they prescribed dicyclomine as needed, which is a form of bentyl, for the cramping and told me to take fiber. (I never did the fiber then.) I wasn't symptom free with these meds, but it improved it enough so that I could lead a better life. Lately, it became worse again, so I've made some more changes. I now take the fiber capsules and I use the dicyclomine about a half hour before meals when we eat out and I'm anticipating a problem. Again, it's helped a lot. Besides eliminating the foods you mentioned, your wife should also try to avoid fatty or greasy foods, alcohol, and caffine. Studies have proven that it's not 'all in her head', but it's a complicated problem that's a little different for everyone, so she'll need to try different things to find out what works for her and make sure she has a good Dr. that really knows the facts about IBS.

Sorry this is so long....., Ann S.

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