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Re: To Elisa: Acidophilus and Cranberry

Re: To Elisa: Acidophilus and Cranberry

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Posted by Harry on October 18, 2000 at 15:21:18:

In Reply to: To Elise: Acidolophus - without having to eat yogurt posted by Angie E on October 18, 2000 at 14:01:25:

: : : Harry, Thanks for the info. It is much clearer now. You are so helpful. I now have a bladder infection. Taking Cipro and you know what that does to IBS. But I have to take it as Bactrim did not help the last time I had the bladder infection. I need to drink a lot of cranberry juice and I don't like to take the kind with all that corn syrup and the pure stuff is pretty hard to take. I've seen cranberry capsules. Would that be just as good? I also have a yeast infection and I take probiotics daily with million of acidophilis, bifudus, etc. so I can't figure out where the yeast came from. I can't tolerate dairy so yogurt is out.
: : Any suggestions? Thanks.
: : Elisa
: : : Some of what I am going to say --many of you already know but the subject of taking magnesium as a mineral keeps coming up.The subject is well documented so I keep thinking most people know it. So,I thought it may be worthwhile to tell you why I keep recommending magnesium as a mineral that we IBS'ers need.

: : : Magnesium is a mineral and like so many others it is present in many forms but we cannot live without it and most people with IBS are to some extent defient. YOU have to make sure you are getting enough.I assure you most doctors don't know very much about health care----only sickness care!!

: : : Magnesium is necessary in activating Enzymes in your body. There are about 6900 different enzymes in your body and about 80% of them are activated (catalyst) by magnesium and particularly those involved with energy. It helps you absorb calcium and potassium. Defieciency can cause problems with nerve impulses to muscles --resulting in nervousness and irritability, confusion, depression, insomnia, poor digestion, seizures, tantrums.
: : : Magnesium helps regulate the heart rhythm, it helps lower cholestrol, blood pressure, reduces the risk of a stroke as well as heart disease (atherosclerosis). It helps clear arteries of plaque that clog arteries and causes hardening and blockages.It reduces muscle cramps, headaches and migraines.
: : : One book I read said that Magnesium deficiency may be a major cause of IBS, cardiac arrest, fatal cardiac arrhythmia, high BP, pulmonary disorders, chronic fatique, chronic pain syndromes ,as well as asthma.Any of these sound familiar???
: : : You can be tested for Magnesium defiency by a blood test or a more sensitive procedure called an intercelluar magnesium screen. You should make it part of your EXAM and Blood work. One DR. wrote that EVERY illness is made worse by a LOW Magnesium level.
: : : The good news is Magnesium is present in alot of foods from meat, fish, seafood all sorts of fruits and veggies.The only problem is the fruits and veggies have to be grown in soil that is not depleted of magnesium.

: : : I take a Magnesium supplement just to make sure that I get enough daily. I encourage you not to only rely on the food you eat.The daily requirement is 200 to 400mgs/day.
: : :
: : : All magnesium supplements are not the same.Many forms are used as laxatives---Epsom salt, Milk Magnesia, Magnesium Citrate. Inorganic or relatively insoluble salts are not readily absorbable. Magnesium oxide, carbonate and chlorides are common mineral salts.The best forms to use as a supplement are chelated like Aparatate, Orotate and Citrate but in a large dose can cause diarrhea --especilly the citrate. I personally have no problems with the aparatate or orotate.For a mineral to be absorbed by your system--it has to dissolve then be ionized--- chelated minerals are already to use----no dissolving required.
: : : And if they cause you problems---take them in small doses during the day. I take mine in 3 divided doses.My wife takes a Calcium-Mag (aspartate) all at one time---at night with no problems.
: : : God Bless----Harry

: Elisa:

: You can buy acidolphus at the grocery store. Just ask the pharmacist where it is. It's one of the active ingredients in yogurt. Both my kids (girl AND boy) had yeast infections right after starting day care. It started with massive diarrhea after having a bug. I couldn't get the diarrhea to stop and both ended up with yeast infections. I sprinkled acidolphus in their food and it cured the yeast infection along with stopping the diarrhea. Great stuff!

: Angie E

Hi Elisa,
Cranberry caps are OK. The object is to keep your urine in an acid state because NO--bacteria grows in an acid environment.Cranberry juice does not oxidize or change in the digetive process.And,if you are intolerant to dairy---this usually means that milk sugar/lactose gives you a problem. It is an extremely difficult sugar to digest--it take 4 separate enzymes for digestion.The good news is all the lactose is used up by the bacteria culture that makes yogurt. So,in reality yogurt is not a dairy product in the true sense. I know alot of people that are lactose intolerant but have no problem eating yogurt.Try it ---it is a very good source of calcium and potassium. I eat it 4 times a day.I have eaten it for about 20 years and still don't like the tart taste of plain yogurt.I also take acidophilus caps daily.

There are 2 very good homeopathic remedies for bladder infections: Cantharis 30X and Berberis Vulgaris 30X --you can get both at a good health food store. I have 5 sisters that have used both with good success!!
Take Care-----Harry

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