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Re: How accurate are stool analysis tests??

Re: How accurate are stool analysis tests??

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Posted by Jacinta on October 19, 2000 at 16:37:10:

In Reply to: Re: How accurate are stool analysis tests?? posted by Krissy on October 18, 2000 at 21:59:40:

: : : Hi,i went to the lab today,picked up a kit,for 3 days i have to keep running there after stool samples i collect at home,for 3 days i have to do this! anyways,i wondered how many of you have had these tests,and what your results were,did it help?Thankyou! Krissy

: : : PS- my Doc wants to see exactly if there is something causing the IBS,but he also says since i have had the same symptoms for so long,there is a good chance the cultures will show what it is,and doubts with any "new" symptoms not showing,it is IBS
: : : C-Type

: : Hey Krissy, I did a stool analysis too. Except mine was only a 1 day thing. I got the sample, and it was immediately sent off to a lab. You might want to check with the doctor to see what they are testing for. They can test for acid levels, which can be helpful for some people. And they can check the levels of both good and bad bacteria to see if any are messed up. Hey, I hope that test will give you back some useful info, because it did for me. Take care, alright? -Jacinta

: Hi Jacinta,
: I think i am being tested for just about everything,parasites,etc. He said 3 days is to be very accurate.What did the tests tell you? I am really hoping and praying this puts an end to all of this! Thanks for the reply,Krissy

Hello Krissy,
The test I took went along with a blood test. But the stool sample can show acid and alkaline levels in your digestive system, along with different bacterias, and if parasites are a problem too. It showed me that my body is so messed up that it hardly makes acid anymore to digest food. And because of that, I developed many food allergies that I never knew about. I would never have known about the allergies if it weren't for the blood test that accompanied the stool analysis. I was diagnosed with IBS, but the pain in my lower right side would get worse with movement, and 'C' was a big problem. But now avoiding foods and being on some pills, I should turn back to normal in about 6 months or so. But I really do hope that your test will help you out some, so you can start feeling better very soon. Take care. -Jacinta

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