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Re: Julie---Thanks Angie " The NO---Wheat Queen"

Re: Julie---Thanks Angie " The NO---Wheat Queen"

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Posted by Harry on October 20, 2000 at 01:13:48:

In Reply to: Julie: About wheat (long) Blame Harry, he asked! posted by Angie E on October 19, 2000 at 23:59:55:

: :
: : : You suggested I eliminate wheat and dairy, wheat as in wheat flour? If so, is there any kind of bread you can have? Does pasta have wheat in it?

: : Julie---Angie E has big problems with wheat products --she knows much more than I do .
: : Harry

: Julie:

: Everything has wheat in it! Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce (white vinegar which is distilled grain), there's wheat starch, wheat, wheat, wheat! Pasta has wheat, bread, pie crust, bread all kinds have some sort of wheat in it. Don't trust it if it doesn't say "wheat free" or "gluten free". Wheat fillers are also in seasing mixes such as taco seasonings, most sauces, such as hollandaise, cream sauces such as alfredo, some pestos, almost all puddings, salad dressings (except Kraft, most of them do not have wheat), waffles, sausage (wheat filler), pies, cakes, pasta sauces, egg substitutes. BREAKFAST CEREALS!!! The only one that I can eat is Corn Pops. Malted Milk Balls such as Whoppers or anything with malt flavoring such as Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes. I could go on and on and on. I can eat anything made from corn flour or corn meal (Thank God I didn't have to give up Mexican's a food group here in Texas) Had to give up all italian due to pasta, sauces and breaded chicken. I can eat all meats, (except sausage that has wheat fillers listed), fresh fruit and vegetables. Guess what...I really don't miss wheat. If I want something starchy, I eat potatoes. Fritos are OK as are most corn chips. The only thing I miss about it is being able to quickly whip up a sandwich. But there are wheat free breads out there, I just have found one that tastes great. I can make them however. I've discovered lots of wheat free products at the GlutenFreeMall.Com. The cake mixes, brownie mixes, bread mixes etc are actually very good. When I eat wheat, I instantly bloat, get a headache and end up with diarrhea. Since I quit eating wheat and went on the Gluten Free Diet, my diarrhea has completely stopped! I do miss pizza and pickles. Also look out for artifical whipped toppings such as cool whip. Always read the labels. It sounds worse than it is. If you cook your own food and know what you put into it, you'll be fine. Eating out is pretty difficult. Everytime I ate out, I would end up having diarrhea at the restaurant. I have certain things that I eat at certain restraunts. Just remember the vinegar thing. Balsamic and Red Wine Vinegar are fine and are used in most salad dressings. However, pickles, peppers, picante sauce, worcestershire sauce, etc all have distilled white vinegar. Also, avoid Canola Oil and use pure corn oil. There is a good reason for it, I just can't remember why. And also watch out for cooking sprays such as Pam and Bakers Joy. Baker's Joy has flour and Pam has canola oil. Except, now Pam has come out with an Olive Oil Spray that is great! Hope this helps. Try avoiding it for two weeks and see if it helps. I noticed a difference in 24 hours. I was on the Atkins diet when I noticed the difference first. First time in 20 years I didn't have diarrhea. I feel so much better now!
: Angie E

Julie, I know your problem is not even in the same ball park as Angie's----but like Angie says try it for awhile!!
God Bless---Harry

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