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Julie: Important PS

Julie: Important PS

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Posted by Angie E on October 20, 2000 at 10:44:09:

In Reply to: Re: Angie-Wheat Free posted by Angie E on October 20, 2000 at 10:33:39:

: : What about rice and popcorn? These are two of my favorite things so I'm hoping I can have them. If you have a bread recipe you would like to share with me?
: : Thanks again for all the info!!

: Yes! Rice and Popcorn are excellent. Be sure and read the ingredients on the popcorn if it's the microwave type. If you are the only one eating the bread, take my word for it, it's much easier to buy bread from the health food store than it is to make it. With wheat free bread, you have to use three different kinds of flours typically (rice, tapicoca, and potato or different variations thereof) and you also have to have gluten free baking powder and Xanthum gum which is extremely difficult to find in health food stores. I ordered mine from the gluten free mall but havne't had time to bake any. Even the new potato breads on the market have wheat in them.

: Just be careful what you put on the rice. While going to my favorite restraunts, I would order rice dishes such as mexican rice and rice dishes at indian restraunts (sp) and always ended up with diarrhea. I thought I was allergic to rice. AFter finding out I was Celiac, I found out I wasn't allergic to the rice, but what was ON the rice. Many curry dishes have wheat flour and sometimes curry powder is diluted with wheat flour.
: Good Luck. It's a long process, but definitly worth it!
: Angie E

PS. Also watch out for yogurt with fruit in it (wheat fillers) and ice cream. I always thought it was strange that I could eat cheese and drink milk, but the instant I ate ice cream I would bloat up like a boat!

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