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Re: Angie You tiff is a Girl?

Re: Angie You tiff is a Girl?

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Posted by Harry on October 21, 2000 at 14:09:27:

In Reply to: Re: bad odor posted by Angie E on October 21, 2000 at 12:51:35:

: :
: : : i sweating alot in the anal and vagina area. If i sit down for 10 minutes my pant are moist. I smell really bad, in between my butt cheeks it smells sorta like salt and vinegar and something nastier that makes you wanna puke. The odor is so strong it has a 2 yard radius, if you know anything at all please help, this is ruining my life. thanks alot

: : Hi,
: : There are several things you can do. One is take a mineral Zinc in a good chelated form ---10 mgs per day is the daily recommended allowance but you can take 30 without any problems. There is an old saying" Take Zinc and don't stink". Zinc is an essntial mineral--it is required for protien absorption and collagen formation ,also helps wounds heal and promotes a healthy immune system and does alot of other important things in your body.A deficiency can result in a loss of taste and smell --fingernails become thin and develop white spots --fatigue, memory impairment, more than average number of colds and flu, as well as inceased sensitivity to infection, impaired nite vision and for men affects prostate gland function.There are two fluids in the body that have 10 more zinc than others---the fluid in your eye ball and a man's semen.Zinc and Iron interfare with each other's aborption so sould be taken separately if you're taking iron.

: : Odor is caused by bacteria overgrowth on the skin -- and bacteria grows in an alkaline environment. Bacteria does not grow in an acid ---- so make the area that has an odor slighly ACID. This can easily be done by using two teaspoons of white vinegar to a quart of water and pat the area with it. The vinegar smell will go away in a little while.I have used this as a deodorant for 20 years. It works!!

: I would also go to the dr. and rule out a vaginal infection. After I had my son (c-section) something similar happened to me and it was an infection. One day after I started antibiotics the odor went away...definitly have it checked!
: Angie E

: PS. It may not be sweat, but a discharge...

Hey Angie---I sort of wondered if "tiff" was female or male. You cannot assume !!!
Take Care---Harry

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