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Posted by Janet L. on October 25, 2000 at 11:03:42:

In Reply to: Re: IRRITABLE BOWEL IS NOT A DIAGNOSES (Long!!!) posted by Anna on October 25, 2000 at 07:43:08:

: Ann,

: Hi, I do not feel you have attacked my position, (not my theory). Have you ever looked into the candida information? Do you have any idea how many symptoms it causes, IBS and IBD are just two of a vey long list. There are actually reasons that women are diagnosed more than men. If you go to the website of William G. Crook, MD. you will see he has done many years of study in this area. There are many other problems that yeast cause. UTIs, Depression, Headaches, eczema, and a host of others. I am not here to express my theories, I am here because I wanted to dig deeper to help myself. It seems that most people who have IBS would just rather complain about it than to look into possibly what just might contribute to it. Also, I never said that the imbalance in the colon was a simple matter and nor did I say that probiotics was all it would take to help. But at least I feel like I have continued to help myself and not just stop at a dead end with doctors masking all my symptoms.

: Hope someday doctors will drop an explanation in your lap, but don't hold your breath.

: Anna
I think your position is very interesting, and I agree with the fact that we have to help ourselves, but please don't lump "most of us" together with the few who just want to complain about it. I am pretty confident that the majority of us who are involved with this board are here to help ourselves. If we didn't want to help ourselves we wouldn't be here looking for answers and/or offering our own solutions. Thanks for your message, you have many good points!! Janet L.
: : : Irritable Bowel is not a diagnoses, it is a symptom of another problem. GI doctors won't tell you this. All they will do is give you synthetic drugs to mask the symptoms and say get use to it. Irritable bowel is caused by a imbalance of the natural flora in your bowels. Somthing causes this imbalance, it doesn't happen by accident, heredity, or just by chance. Some of the causes are antiboitic use, birth-control pills, steriod use, hormonal therapy, bad eating habits, or a combination of some of the above. This imbalance can be corrected. When the good flora in your colon is wiped out, bacteria, parasites, or yeast will take over. These overgrowths cause the IBS. If your overgrowth gets bad enough then a wonderful thing called leaky gut syndrome happens causing an autoimmue response in your body. This in turns causes a host of undesirable things such as Lupus, chronic fatigue, MS, fibromyalgia, etc. I have an overgrowth of candida yeast due to a megadose of antibiotics before surgery and bad eating habits. But I am lucky, my IBS came on suddently so I knew that something was out of balance. So I am determined to get things back in balance, not just mask symptoms with synthetic drugs. Something helpful to look up on the web (I like is candida sites. Symptoms and help. Your problem could be bacteria or yeasts so you may want to look that up also.

: : : Please don't think of IBS as a final diagnoses. We need to get the GI Drs. to stop thinking of this as a final answer and make them see this as a symptom.

: : : Anna

: : Anna,

: : I agree that too many Drs. use IBS as a catch-all diagnosis, when often they don't know what the the problem is. For some it may be an imbalance caused by the various reasons you listed, but I don't believe this is true for all. How do you explain the scientific studies done, by reputable facilities, that found neurological differences in IBS patients, as opposed to 'normal' people? I've had the problem for over 30 yrs., and at the time I first developed it, I had never been exposed to most of the causes you listed, except a few antibiotics (we didn't run to the Dr. very often then) and a diet that I don't think was 'that' bad. (My mother grew most of our food in the garden, and our dairy & meat were obtained directly from a farm, with no processors in between or preservatives & junk added to it.)

: : As I stated previously, your theory may be true and very helpful for some of you that have been misdiagnosed with IBS. We all need to learn from each other! It would probably also help improve some of the symptoms of people with true IBS, but I doubt it would cure it. Harry, one of our resident experts on the board, often talks about the bacteria, flora, etc...and uses many, many, natural substances & supplements our body needs, but I don't think I've ever heard that it has totally cured it for him. What's your opinion, Harry?

: : I also agree that we should not allow the Drs. to expect us to just 'live with it'. The Drs. need to get educated, from all points of view, and to put more effort and money into distinquishing between the different problems, their causes, and finding the solutions. I don't know what the statistics are for the other illnesses you mentioned, but do you think it's just a coincidence that IBS affects more women than men, and the fact that so little has been done for a problem that's been around for such a long time? There are still many Drs. that are saying, or implying, that it's all 'in our heads'.

: : Please don't mistake this as an attack on your theory, I just get leary of blanket generalizations, and I've been upset with many in the medical profession for quite some time. Also, as you can tell, I get very worked up about it. Ann S.

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