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Re: Thanks, questions from your response

Re: Thanks, questions from your response

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Posted by cindy on October 29, 2000 at 08:05:09:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks, questions from your response posted by Harry on September 16, 2000 at 02:41:07:

: GS

I've been treated for candidiasis for a couple of years now (I give myself shots -- yeast/allergy vaccines -- twice a week and used to take nystatin orally but have gotten very slack about that -- it is like eating dirt ;)

And yes -- all the problems associated with candidiasis can reoccur -- I stopped taking everything 8 months from my first diagnosis because I was working on an opposite coast for 3 months. -- And probably a month or so after that I was feeling pretty yucky again -- and started over.

My injections are adjusted over time and typically I know they need to be adjusted when some of the candidiasis symptoms start coming back -- and usually for me that consists of waking up very tired, bowel problems and low grade fevers.

And although the low grade fever is not on the symptom list -- I absolutely believe/feel/know that it is related because-- I used to get low grade fevers all the time and they go away as long as I take my medicine.

My doctor told me that some people will not relapse -- but others may have an ongoing battle.

I think I'm in the latter category.

And the thing to remember about the fever and whatever symptoms you have -- is that the yeast is screwing up your body -- which causes everything to be out of whack -- and symptoms can take different forms in various people.

Okay -- I have gone on long enough-- hope some of this helps!


: : Thanks again for the response. I know what you mean about a fever, good point.

: : I know you're not a doctor (found in previous post) but you seem to have studied this subject and will probably end up being more helpful than the medical community. I mean, I trust doctors for things they can diagnose and treat but when their like, could be this could be that, I don't know! And when they don't seem overly concerned about letting me remain sick enough to not go to work for weeks on end then I start looking elsewhere.

: : Now, though, I'm still concerned about feeling better then "relapsing" then feeling better again. From your experience and knowledge, do you have to treat candidiasis as an illness that can relapse if you try to do too much too quickly? I'm concerned about trying to go back to work too soon again if that's the case.

: : Thanks.

: G.S.
: I have not heard of relapes --where you get better then worse.I think if you have fever then you just may have an infection that has to be treated before you can get rid of the candida problem.The infection may be causing relapes.With candidiasis I have not heard that it runs you down when you're recovering on the diet and antifungal medicine even when doing work.I just don't know.And, I have had many problems with candida infections.

: I have been re-reading some books about candida infections.If your immune system is severlly compromised you can develop systemic candidiasis --an overgrowth of candida everywhere in the body.As you may know candida can travel in the bloodstream to every organ in the body-- called candida septicemia a type of blood poisoning.This occur alot with people that have advance cases of AIDS and cancer.
: God Bless---Harry

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