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Re: Message for Elisa

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Posted by Elisa on October 31, 2000 at 12:05:01:

In Reply to: Re: Message for Elisa posted by Roger S. on October 30, 2000 at 22:43:25:

: Hi Elisa, it is me, Roger S. again. I also suspect that I have celiac too, but dr said no after a colonoscopy and endoscopy. But I don't believe him, because it seems that things that contain wheat always made me worse with diarrhea. I just recently got so angry with "wheat", that I emptied out all of my cubbords and fridge and pantry of anything and every thing that has wheat in it, or some form of grain or barley. I ended up filling 3 large lawn and leaf trash bags with food and found that now I don't have hardly any food anymore until I go shopping again. I felt guilty about it, because the food could have been given away to someone who is hungry. I too eat a lot of rice (thank God it is not a gluten product). Can you buy noodles that are not made with flower at any grocery store? I live in a tiny town and we only have Safeway here, and it is small.

: Good Luck, and Thanks,
: Roger S.

: : : : : Harry,My dilemma is I went to the doctor who convinced me I should go on Lotronex again. Tried 1/2 at night, then slowly increased to 1/2 in the morning as well. Things were not perfect but better, then had a bowl of home made minestrone soup. Everything was home made, even the chicken broth and I had a terrible time this A.M with low cramps and then D. I had the same soup last week with no problems. I know it was the soup as a lot of it was in clumps in the toilet including the tomatoes, onions etc. I also have celiac, so my diet is pretty limited. I am going to call the doctor and demand some tests. Had a colonoscopy less than 2 years ago, also all the rest of the tests, but I think I need to have some answers. Have also been under some stress lately (ok. a lot). Any suggestions? I am wiped out after these episodes. All of this has gotten worse since June. I take phyllium but can't stomach anything after all of this.
: : : : : Thanks for your input.
: : : : : Elisa

: : : : Elisa:

: : : : I'm Celiac as well. Most minestrone soup has noodles. Did yours? Unless noodles are specified gluten free on the box, they are typically made with flour. Don't know if that's the problem, but just a thought...
: : : : Angie E
: : : Harry, Angie: Thanks for your replies. I will do the yogurt, I take vitamins plus Fosomax for osteoporosis, and other supplements, also probiotics which has tons of acidophylus, bifidus,bulgaris etc. My soup was homemade and there were no noodles in it. I added rice. Am pretty conscious about avoiding wheat in all forms but I just found out that Tylenol gel caps has wheat or gluten in it, the caplets are okeh, also Tylenol okeh. Angie, please check over the counter and prescriptions for this. There is a book you can get through Celiac USA which lists all the pharmaceuticals and whether their products have gluten or wheatin them. I buy vitamins, etc. which state there is no wheat or gluten added and if in doubt I call the manufacturer. Angie, Are you anywhere near a "Whole Foods Store" here in Texas? You can get a lot of wheat free foods there. I go to one in Dallas but there are 3 of them in the Dallas area. I don't know where you live in Texas. I live in Tyler. Would love to hear how you are doing.
: : : Elisa

: : We are just now getting a Whole Foods in Fort Worth, so until then, I've been ordering my stuff from the Gluten Free Mall. I have a great flourless chocolate cake recipe if you are interested. Yeah, I found out about Tylenol the hard way. I'm a member of the Celiac USA society as well and they have great information. I did discover some elbow macaroni made from corn that is pretty good. As for the Quinona pasta, I would just as soon do without it. I love rice, so I use that. I have a beef stroganoff recipe I've been using and its wonderful over rice. Thank God I can still eat Mexican Food! And most chocolate! Thanks for the info!
: : Angie E
Roger, You can get on the "Gluten Free Mall" as Angie said and you can find all kinds of places where you can get wheat free foods. You can also join the Celiac USA group. They are also on the internet and a good source of info. You can get wheat free pasta. My personal preference is "Annie Chuns rice noodles" You may find those in the Asian section of your supermarket or ask the manager to get them for you. I found you have to take the bull by the horns and ask for whatever you need. Good luck.

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