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Re: Why not take Lotronex and Loperamide?

Re: Why not take Lotronex and Loperamide?

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Posted by Linda on November 01, 2000 at 23:44:23:

In Reply to: Re: Why not take Lotronex and Loperamide? posted by fishnut on October 31, 2000 at 17:49:36:

: : : Also my doctor has never run any tests on me except in June he did a blood test for Chrones which was negative. I am going to see a new Dr. in a few weeks what should I ask for? Anyone still have D after being on Lotronex for a couple weeks? Can missing one dose give you D later on? I have taken fiber 2x per day while on the Lotronex and still can't get BM what else can I do to get bowel movements and stay on the lotronex?

: : : Fishnut

: : Hey -- I took Lotronex for two weeks and had no problems at all and then had diarrhea for the next 6 or so days in a row -- I couldn't handle it anymore so I went off the lotronex so I could take some immodium to stop the diarrhea (DO NOT TAKE LOTRONEX AND IMMODIUM TOGETHER) -- since then I haven't went back on lotronex and have just stuck with the fiber therapy. It works pretty well unless I eat a trigger food and then I will have diarrhea again. I've heard though that lotronex is pretty individual dependent so you may have to take more than what you are taking for it to take effect -- ask your doctor about it. ALSO -- I would not have put you on lotronex w/out running a series of other test -- you may have something else wrong with you -- IBS is usually the diagnosis given when everything else is ruled out -- your doctor should have at least given you a stool test to see if you have any parasites and on top of that run a lower GI to check for ulcerative colitis -- colitis is a SERIOUS condition so you should talk to your doctor again and make sure he runs some test before giving you a diagnosis!! Good Luck! TK

: Why can't you take them together? I have taken them together myself.

I have been taking Lotronex with Loperamide as needed since March. i find this to be a good combination, and I can take what I need when i need it. I have consulted two doctors about this, and the pharmacist. They've all said taking both is fine, as long as I'm sure I won't get constipated...that is the serious concern. But if you suffer like I have, that is HIGHLY unlikely. As a matter of fact, the one doctor recommended using the loperamide as a back up as oppsed to increasing the lotronex, he felt that was more managable, and with lotronex being so new, a safer, more conservative approach. Lotronex can take 2-4 weeks to really show an effect. And yes, although it takes a while to build up a level that will result in noticable affects, a missed pill will be noticed that day, from my experience. That has become less drastic and sudden, the longer I've been on it. Hope this helps.

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