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Re: Embarrassing Stool Situation/Endometriosis

Re: Embarrassing Stool Situation/Endometriosis

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Posted by Angie E on November 04, 2000 at 14:22:31:

In Reply to: Embarrassing Stool Situation posted by Claire on November 04, 2000 at 10:56:32:

: Hi everybody,

: I've been looking and looking for someone else with this problem so I wouldn't have to actually ask myself! Oh, goes:

: Some background: I've had IBS off and on for about 20 years. It's never really been all that bad. I think I do everything right in terms of diet, handling stress, etc. In addition to IBS, I had endometriosis about a year and a half ago--had a laparoscopy to remove endo on my ovary, pelvic wall, and colon. Every now and then, I have "endo-like" pain and discomfort, which could be gas, IBS, or anything. Doesn't really bother me that much.

: Now here's my problem: Every morning I have a bowel movement and it's always very soft, liquidy and unformed. After I go, there's this feeling of "not getting it all out." And sure enough, after I wipe, I did NOT get it all out. (sorry to be gross). It's not like I'm constipated or straining, believe me, just the opposite. I just can't seem to get that last bit out. So, sometimes, I drink a lot of water all at once and that makes me have to go again. Sometimes that solves the problem (I feel like I got it all out) or sometimes, more often, it just happens again.

: Please help! Someone? This is really bugging me. Apart from the grossness of it, I do continue to have some pain that reminds me of the endometriosis pain, after a bowel movement.

: Any ideas? suggestions? help????

: Thanks for listening,
: Claire

I also have endometriosis on my colon, but they said they couldn't remove it. When I have a hormone fluctuation, I have that "endo" feeling, diarrhea and the same feeling. Mine goes away after a while. I contributed it to swollen endometrial tissue on the colon. Mine comes and goes...I always have worse diarrhea and pain when my hormones fluctuate and there is a definite difference in "feeling". I can usually tell the difference between endo and IBS. With the endometriosis, its pretty constant (for me anyway). With the IBS it is usually when I eat or shortly thereafter. Hope this helps!
Angie E

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