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Re: Did I inherit bad guts?

Re: Did I inherit bad guts?

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Posted by Angie E on November 08, 2000 at 10:16:47:

In Reply to: Re: Did I inherit bad guts? posted by Jason on November 08, 2000 at 09:26:08:

: Can one of you guys contrast the difference between Chroans and Celiac?
: Thanks.

I can. My mother had Crohns and I have Celiac. With Crohns, there is typically pus and blood in the bowels. SEVERE Pain, cramping and severe diarrhea. It hurts enough to cause you to pass out. My mother almost died. There is significant weight loss. The symptoms are so much worse than with Celiac. With Celiac, you have diarrhea, clay colored stools ( I had a lot of green fluid with mine), extremely loud stomach noises (mine stopped totally on the gluten free diet)bloating, gas and these symptoms usually appear during a meal or immediately afterwords. After I figured out what was wrong with me, I did a test. I ate foods with wheat and that was all. Made myself sicker than a dog. I quit eating it and the diarrhea(extremely foul smelling), bloating, headache and loud stomach stopped.
Crohn's disease is serious, as is Celiac. If you don't get the Celiac under control you are at a higher risk for intestinal lymphoma. If you have Crohns, you will have intestinal fistulas (pus pockets and inflammation in the intestine) Crohns can be ruled out by upper GI (barium) and a colonoscopy. Crohn's can affect the small intestine and colon whereas Celiac is typically damages the small intestine. YOu can do a search on Crohn's and Celiac and come up with a wealth of information. Hope this helps!
Angie E

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