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Thanks Harry.....

Thanks Harry.....

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Posted by Janet L. on November 09, 2000 at 21:21:33:

In Reply to: Re:Answer From the "Fiber King" posted by Harry on November 09, 2000 at 11:50:35:

: : Hi Harry!! Remember me? I hope you take that nickname as a compliment!! Okay, I agree with your wife. I tried the psyllium powder and still was passing rabbitt pellits. If I increased the dose, I was horribly bloated and gassy. I got the psyllium capsules. I don't know what took me so long!!! They work great! My question.... I started out taking four a day. Two in the morning and two at night. Still passing rabbitt pellitts. I upped the dose to three in the morning and three at night. They are 625 mg. I am now having about four normal, but large, movements a day, for the last two days. Is this just my body getting rid of what has been sitting in there for who knows how long, or is this going to be my pattern? This is better than the constipation, but I would prefer once a day after breakfast, like I used to. Is that asking too much??!! Will I always have to take this large amount of capsules, or will I eventually be able to cut back without having problems again? I realize every body is different, I just wanted your opinion and/or experience. As always, thank you!! Janet L.

: Hi Janet,
: You know I don't mind what you call me--I find it amusing.
: I didn't know you were using psyllium capules.I thought you were using Metamucil& Citrucel powder am and pm. The number and amount of you BMs are in proportion to what you eat. Dr. William Salt in his book, "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" states that it is normal to have 3 BMs per day to 3 per week and they should be passed comfortable without undue straining. Also, his partner says they should be totally tubular and the diameter of a quarter.I normally have one a day unless I eat more the day before. As you know everybody is different.So, you have to work out the amount your body needs. My suggestion is TRY it for awhile. You and I know "You"---so relax if thats possible with 4 kids and a husband and as a working Mom. I think as you eat more water soluble fiber/foods you will have to adjust the number of psyllium caps. Also, you can buy the Vitamin Shoppe brand caps that are 880 mgs and it also contains acidophilus---you may want to try them---take 2 am and 2 pm. TK uses this brand.SHE thinks they are good. I only take one rounded teaspoon of powdered Equate or Konsyl daily--in the evening. Just make sure you drink enough fluids.
: God Bless----Harry

Thanks for the compliment on the other post, and thanks for responding to my question! I WAS taking the metamucil and citrucel, but I was still feeling bloated (less than with straight metamucil, but bloated). I noticed that the citrucel, now this is descriptive, made my stools kinda sticky, and hard to pass. They were formed but like I said, kinda sticky. I have gotten the best, fastest results with the capsules. I missed the dose this morning and was back to the rabbitt pellitts. Why is it that a few years ago, about five, I could just start eating high fiber cereal in the morning and that would take care of the constipation. Now it is so difficult to maintain a regular pattern without the therapy. As I said, if I even miss one dose, it messes me up. Is it something to do with aging? Just curious. I have these memories of my late grandfather eating his bran cereal with prunes on top every morning!! Thanks again, Harry! P.S. You help so many people, but how are YOU doing? Do you feel like you have your digestive problems under control? You don't ever ask for advice, you just give it. I wish we could help you in return! We all appreciate it! Take Care, Janet L.

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