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Desparate for Help-scared and depressed

Desparate for Help-scared and depressed

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Posted by Gale on November 11, 2000 at 10:19:45:

In Reply to: Welcome to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Message Board posted by Webmaster on August 10, 1998 at 23:37:39:

Hello everyone
I pray that someone can help me with this. I have been diagnosed with IBS but everyone I talk to does not have the same symptoms as I. I have daily pain and discomfort making it almost unable to work and my social life has been put on hold. I was always an outgoing fun loving person, now I am living a nightmare. I wake up every day with pain in my left lower side which never goes away. I have to go to the bathroom immediately upon rising. All the tests that I have had do not show anything. Trust me, I have had them all.
I have feelings of warmth or heat like symptoms in my intestines which the doctors cannot explain.Cramping, back pain, nausea, eating gives me more pain. None of the medications I have taken seem to help. I tried Fiber and my colon got very irritated. One of my most concerning problems is that I cannot take antibotics anymore. If I take antibotics, my stomach goes into severe spams and I am unable to eat.None of the doctors can explain that to me. I am so very desparate for help and am feeling very alone in my battle for daily survival. I have had this since May and I am so frustrated with this. I always wanted to get married and settle down and have a wonderful relationship but this problem has put my life on hold and I am at a loss. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I do not want to go on another day. My quality of life has been reduced to daily survival.I cry often and do not know where to turn anymore. I have been to over 20 doctors and they just tell me that my tests show nothing seriously wrong. PLEASE HELP ME, your support would mean so much to me.

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