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Re: never been diagnosed...does it sound like IBS?

Re: never been diagnosed...does it sound like IBS?

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Posted by Kacey on November 11, 2000 at 10:32:55:

In Reply to: never been diagnosed...does it sound like IBS? posted by katie on November 10, 2000 at 01:00:37:

Don't feel lonely. I've been sitting here reading, too, until my head spins. I have the constipation and the gnawing pain in my stomach, too. I feel bloated at times and then it goes away. My Dr. did an upper GI and barium enema and found nothing. Now I have acid reflux, which makes everything that much more miserable. What made me reply to your message was about the stomach noises. I have them all the time. Sounds like water bubbling or something trying to move through my stomach-they are so loud sometimes that my family laughs at me. My Dr. is nice, but he seems to dismiss me since the tests came back OK-gave me some Prevacid and sent me on my way. I just wanted you to know you are far from being alone. I try not to get depressed, but it's hard not to when you need to go to the bathroom all the time and you can't and you hurt constantly. Good Luck to you and I hope you find help. Kacey : Well, I am 20 years old and seem to have the symptoms you have been talking about since I was fifteen. I don't have
: diarhea at all, but i have horrible cramps in the morning and at night, plus my stomach and back seem to make really
: weird noises, plus painful gas and bloating and what seems like excruciating stomach pains. It seems like it has gotten better
: over the last year or so, but all of a sudden it has come on full force again. It is so hard to socialize or date or anything
: for fear that I will have stomach problems. Mainly I worry about the awful stomach pains but the loud noises are a big concern.
: Is that a symptom of IBS? Are there different types of IBS? I read about three hours worth of these messages and I am
: still not sure since everyone seems to say they have diarhea or constipation. I have the constipation but not usually the diarhea.
: Does this seem like IBS to anyone? It love to socialize and it gets to me that I can't sometimes because I have this THING and I
: don't even know how to fix it. It gets lonely.

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