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Sounds very familiar...

Sounds very familiar...

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Posted by Angie E on November 11, 2000 at 18:20:01:

In Reply to: Re: Angie E - does this sound familiar? posted by TK on November 10, 2000 at 18:19:52:

: : sorry i know it's wrong but diarhea is very hard to spell correctly.
: : has anyone out there experienced this? (no, not spelling diaorrhea, please continue):

: : foods such as soup, porridge oats, millet porridge, gari (ground cassava), ground rice, lentils with a high liquid/water content seem to create havoc with my output. it's not total diahorrea, more semi-liquid but all sorts of strange shapes, formations + general sludge seems to come out and lots of it.

: : does anyone else recognise this as a symptom of ibs? or could i have something else? i've been assured by 2 gastro specialists that water in food will NOT cause diaorrea, but it seems to happen to me everytime. when i don't eat these foods i seem reasonably ok in this respect, although i still suffer (sometimes badly) from other ibs symptoms.

: : if anyone can help or knows anything please reply. Thanks. MICKo.

: Hey Micko,
: I don't believe drinking excessive water can cause diarrhea. Water is essential in flushing out the bad toxins in your body and you should drink plenty of it every day. If I am not mistaken, quite a few of the items you mention have gluten in it -- you may have a gluten intolerance. I am not an expert on this subject. There is another person on this board, Angie E, who could tell you all you need to know about gluten intolerance -- you may want to read some of her postings. Also, everybody w/ IBS has different "trigger" foods -- these items may just be yours. Read also some of the postings by Harry -- we call him "the Fiber King" here b/c he knows everything you could know about fiber and is a great advocate of having a daily fiber source. Fiber helps to regulate your bowels and also aids in stool formation. Hope some of this helps you -- TK

Definitly sounds familiar! Sounds like possible Celiac Disease to me. Try eliminating all wheat products from your diet for a few days and see if that doesn't help. Breads, pasta and especially breakfast cereals. For a few days, just eat proteins, fruit and vegatables. Also, a liquid diet of Slim Fast or the others will make diarrhea worse because they contain guar gum. Along with wheat by products. Let me know if this helps!
Angie E

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