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Re: Did I inherit bad guts?

Re: Did I inherit bad guts?

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Posted by Jenny on November 12, 2000 at 15:06:07:

In Reply to: Did I inherit bad guts? posted by Jason on November 07, 2000 at 12:10:06:

: Recently, within 3 months or so I would say, interesting things have been happening to me. It first started when I would have trouble sitting down because of mild pain on my rear. Irritating, but not anything to panic about. I had been diagnosed with hemmorhoids about a year and a half before, so I was only mildly concerned. This was followed by a *constant* feeling of having to use the bathroom, sometimes I would end up going 6 times a day. sucked. Then the symptoms would subside after using prepH and ....equate fiber therapy, I think, with psillyum seed (sp?). Then they would come back with very loose stool for a few days, then constipation, back and forth, back and forth. Now it seems that it changes color for a day or so (really dark brown green? gross, I know, sorry) then back to normal. Also accompanied by nausea (with BM's), terrible cramping (a feeling that diarrhea is imminent, but doesn't happen), and horrific gas (I'm starting to get famous). Grumbling feelings like I'm hungry, but not. It just plain sucks cuz I feel crappy all the time. Haven't had any tests yet, but I'm on the verge of calling a doc. The fiber seems to help straighten things out. My mom has spastic colon attacks, or so she calls them, is that ibs, if so, can I inherit it? Any thoughts from anyone, I'm sick of going back and forth between explosive diarrhea and rabbit droppings. Sorry for the in depth explanations, but it's easy to describe your most intimate workings to strangers.
: Thanks for any and all help, don't be afraid to email me.
: Jason.
: Ps, I also eat alot of yogurt, not because of my symptoms, but just because I like it. :-)

Dear Jason,
Life seems to suck, but you have the same symptoms as me, everyone is different. There is a really good change you did inherit a "bad gut", my mom had what they used to call "dumping syndrome" very close to IBS, then she got stomach cancer, as did her father at age 21. Not that you have stomach cancer, just referring to inheriting bad guts. Yogurt will make it worse as it is dairy, try to cut it out for a week, actually all diary, cheese, milk, eggs, etc. See if you get even a little better. Then go to a gastro doctor. I take Elavil 75mg. at night, these relives almost all symptoms, before this I could not work, as I was always sick! I am a Psychologist, so I even considered that I had a few screws loose (so to speak) before my $15,000 worth of test. Get it checked out! Good luck!

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