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Re: Small bowel x-rays

Re: Small bowel x-rays

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Posted by Harry on November 13, 2000 at 01:47:00:

In Reply to: Small bowel x-rays posted by Elisa on November 12, 2000 at 09:30:27:

: Hello Harry,
: Am addressing this to you but anyone, please reply.
: I am eating mostly rice and homemade chicken broth,
: a pear and some turkey breast. Also some wheat free corn cereal or rice cereal. Can't tolerate anything else without having D. Am taking fiber capsules, 4 a day and 1/2 lotronex occasionally (not every day, only when I need it). Small bowel-X-rays were normal with some thickening of some of the bowel folds, probably due to my celiac problem. I still wake up around 4:00 A.M. with stomach pains and they last till after I've gone to the bathroom. I think the doctor wanted to rule out intestinal lymphoma which can sometimes happen with celiac. I think they think I'm crazy but I'm going to insist on a colonoscopy (had one two years ago) and anything else that needs to be done.
: Any suggestions? In the meantime, I'm pretty depressed.
: Elisa

Hi Elisa,
I hope the psyllium caps are helping your D...
Diarrhea alone is enough to depress anybody.You just can't feel very good about life when it revolves around when is your next episode going to happen.
As you know celiac can be very difficult to deal with and if not properly treated can lead to some very serious problems. Malabsorption becomes a extemely serious problem, even if you have a good adequate diet----the loss of vits, minerals and nutrients/calories can result in malnutrition. Diarrhea just makes the problem worse. Digestion is really messed up and food intolerances/ sensitivities can readily appear. It is essiential that you have doctors that really understand your problems. Don't let them brush you off. Many people go for a long time without being properly diagnosed and some come to a diagnosis from a board like this or something they have heard or read. Ask Angie??? And don't hesitate to change doctors to find ONE that will listen to you and treat you illness properly.
Don't be surprised if tests like colonoscopy is normal. When I lived in San Francisco, I saw 15 doctors during 2 years before I found a decent Doctor. One time I had a candida infection/ Gastritis as a result of 45 days on antibiotics and had to call a doc I knew in South Carolina to phone a drug store in CA for some medicine. So, I am familiar with frustration and incompetence.I have become very proactive to say the least.

The pain you are having can be caused by lack of Calcium, Magnesium and potassium as I have already posted a few times.It's probably caused by cramps or spasms Try eating some yogurt before going to bed.It has calcium and potassium and take some amount of mag. aspartate. Try blackstrap molasses--which is high in B vitamins iron.It helps the mood swings.
God Bless---Harry

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