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Re: Thyroid gland coonection with ibs?

Re: Thyroid gland coonection with ibs?

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Posted by MICKo on November 21, 2000 at 13:10:19:

In Reply to: Re: Thyroid gland coonection with ibs? posted by Angie E on November 16, 2000 at 14:41:28:

to AngieE: thanks again for reponding. I'm going to see my dr. next week so will ask if i can have the thyroid checked, sounds like i could (possibly) be hyper or hypo. (i've lost some weight, have dry skin + am often cold, especially feet?). did you manage to overcome Graves disease? if so how? (send to my email address if you wish.) tanx again. MICKo
: : has anyone heard about the possibility that there may be a thyroid gland inefficiency connection with some cases of ibs? it's something i read about in a library book i've been going through about sleep ("why am i so tired"). if anyone knows more please reply. MICKo.

: I had a thyroid condition called Graves Disease. I do know that they have connected Graves to Celiac Disease which in many cases is misdiagnosed as IBS. First, I would go to my dr. and have my thyroid checked, just a simple blood test. Your thyroid can be very serious stuff.
: A hyperactive thyroid can cause massive amounts of diarrhea and make you tired. A hypoactive thyroid (too little) can make you constipated and very tired as well, along with dry skin, slow heart rate. A hyperactive thyroid will cause major irritibility, high resting heart rate, rashes, sweating, excessively hot. With Hypo, you are usually cold and gain weight. Yes, your thyroid can be a major factor in your bowels.
: Angie E

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