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Re: Waking up at night IBS?

Re: Waking up at night IBS?

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Posted by Nancy on November 25, 2000 at 11:29:48:

In Reply to: Waking up at night IBS? posted by Mike on November 22, 2000 at 19:55:54:

: I have all the classic symptoms of IBS. It started in my late teens and has continued to the present. I am now 40. It was becoming more frequent until about 5 years ago when my mother passed away and I noticed blood in my stool. I decided it was time to see a doctor. He did a quick examination and said I probably have IBS and that I should increase my fiber drink lots of water and exercise. Since then I have done that and it has reduced it considerably. I only had the blood that one time and I understand that a family member passing away can cause a lot of stress so I think that was an extreme situation.But I've always wondered if I might have Diverticulosis. I read in a web site that if you are awakened by cramps it's probably not IBS. Thats usually how I suffer from it. It use to affect me 2 or 3 times a month when I had a very high fat diet. Now I get attacks about once every 1 or 2 months, usually after a greasy meal with milk products and if I havent had any fiber or lactase. Anyway, when the attacks happen, it usually goes like this: I wake up 3 or 4 am with cramps and stand around for a half hour until I can have a regular bowel movement and I feel a little better. Then the pain comes back and I have another movement thats mor watery. Then the pain comes back again and I have very watery movement and a great feeling of relief and I'm finally able to go back to sleep an hour to 2 hours after it all started. The next day I feel fine except for being a little tired from losing sleep. I've been doing this over 20 years and I'm generally in good health.
: 1. Have you heard of other people with this late night ritual?
: 2. Is it possible for IBS to wake you up?
: 3. I've heard that if it wakes you up it may not be IBS. Does this sound like anything other than IBS?

: Thanks for any help you can give me.

I am 24 and have had IBS most of my life. All through high school it would only attack at night like yourself. After college it started happening during the day but it has recently gone back to the night time schedule. I have been through many tests and ruled out everything else so I would say it is just your IBS. Even though you lose sleep, I prefer the attacks at night! At least then I know I am at home and not out somewhere searching for a bathroom!

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