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Posted by MICKo on December 05, 2000 at 05:50:39:

In Reply to: Answers posted by Angie E on December 04, 2000 at 20:03:45:

thanks for answering so quickly. from what you're saying it's possible i do have the caeliac disease, so i will try a gluten free diet for a few weeks to see what happenns. i really don't fancy the small colon endoscopy, it sounds very painful, also i would probably have to wait a year or so to have it (via UK NHS). i've tried the gluten free before but.... i realised the other day, i was still drinking something you get here called "Barleycup", made from.... barley. so, that will go this time. thanx again for your helpful replies. MICKo.
:thanks for asking, unforunately this computer's in a library so it's a bit hard to get to. yes, the blood tests were clear, ie did NOT indicate any thyroid trouble.... however i understand that they would oly show positive in the light of a chronic condition (such as you had), and if the thyroid is just inefficient this would not be indicated by this test, so i will ave to do some more research and then go back to my dr. to see what tests can be done. i haven't had time to do this yet.

: : i have some more questions for you about Caeliac disease:
: : the most important 1 first:
: : *i have had a blood test for caeliac disease which indicated i do't have it. can this be relied on, or is it the same scenario as with the thyroid test where a blood test might not pick it up unless the condition is chronic?

: : *i've also had an endoscopy (or sigmoidoscopy, i'm not sure which it was) of the large bowel. would this have indicated whether i had caeliac disease or not?

: : *does ANY amount of gluten, however small cause trouble ie, 2 or 3 ryvitas or oatcakes or a slice of bread?

: : *are oats such a problem as wheat, barley + rye or do you find you can tolerate them better?

: : *if you avoid gluten do you still get ibs? so can you have caeliac disease or gluten intolerance and still have ibs as well?

: : thanks Angie. MICKo.(i thought this board was gone, that's why i haven't been for a few days: last time i came to this web address i was sent to some ibs website in California which wasn't nearly so good as this one)
: : : I think you were supposed to get your test results were they? Hope everything is Ok!
: : : Angie E

: The only sure way to know about Celiac is an endoscopy of the small intestine. I had the blood test as well and it came back negative. I had been on the gluten free diet for six weeks at that point, so an endoscopy would have been inconclusive as well. My Dr. agrees that that is what is wrong with me (no wise cracks guys!) and we just go from there.

: Any amount of gluten affects me. Even if it's just a cracker. When it's a small amount, I usually have gas or get a headache immediately. If I eat something else with gluten in the next day or so, even a minor amount, diarrhea hits. It's cumulative. But I always feel something. One time I ended up with a headache after eating tacos that I had prepared. Couldn't figure out what it was until I read the taco seasoning packet which had a wheat binder in it. It's kind of a live and learn thing.

: Yes, I do occaisionally get IBS while on the gluten free diet. I was feeling pretty good until a couple of days before I was to substitute teach for the first time and had diarrhea several times.

: Nope, can't tolerate oats. Found out the hard way. Bought wheat free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Made me sick immediately. Just remember, if you go on the gluten free diet and buy things from the store, they must say "gluten free" not just "wheat free" as these cookies did. They also had canola oil in them which is also a no no for Celiacs. I can't exactly remember why...I've been told by professionals to avoid it, so I do.

: An endoscopy is where they actually take a biopsy of your colons or small intestine. A sigmoidoscopy is where they place a camera in your rectum only about 10 inches.

: If your thyroid level was too low, it would have been indicated on the test. It's the same test as far as I know.

: I hope I answered your questions. If you need anything further, please write! We all learn from each other. I didn't figure out what was wrong with me until I came to this board. It was quite by accident, but a very happy accident. We'll try to help you feel better the best we can.
: Angie E

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