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Re: Harry...not smart? Was I absent that day?

Re: Harry...not smart? Was I absent that day?

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Posted by Harry on December 06, 2000 at 02:07:20:

In Reply to: Harry...not smart? Was I absent that day? posted by Angie E on December 04, 2000 at 19:52:55:

: :
: : : I have IBS and am new to this messge board. I have one question regarding it though, How does Harry know so much information about IBS, treatments, and different medications.
: : : Just curious,
: : : Janine

: : Hi Janine,
: : Welcome to the board. I have been answering messages on this IBS board for over a year.This question about where I get information has come up several times in the past.The only replies left on this Board is, "A Question-Mia" posted on 8/18/00.You may want to read the replies. I have had IBS for about 35 years and been treated from California to South Carolina.I worked as an electrical engineer for years in research and development and learned how to separate facts from information that is bull.I applied that method to Medicine and I read alot--I'm a retired so I have the time,I'm a litte older that most of you and if I don't know something ---I'll find out about it either by study, phone or online.And it has helped me keep more informed.I am not a smart person but I care and I am tenacious. I assure you the answers I post are well documented in the literature and many have worked for me,my family and people I know.

: : I have been very disappointed when I have posted medical messages that have not been answered.So, if a person posts on this board---I think they Really need help and some are desparate and don't know where to turn--I don't want them to be disappointed----I try to help just like the many others that reply.It just good to be able to share your concerns and problems with others that have been there and done that!!!
: : You may want to switch to the New Health Boards since this one is going to close to posting in near future.If you have any concerns --please feel free to tell us. No concern is too small.
: : God Bless You---Harry

: Come on Harry??? Not Smart? Bull hockey!

Angie --THANKS---Harry

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