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Re: Angie E: another question for you about celiac disease

Re: Angie E: another question for you about celiac disease

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Posted by Elisa on December 07, 2000 at 10:03:47:

In Reply to: Re: Angie E: another question for you about celiac disease posted by Angie E on December 06, 2000 at 23:46:32:

: : how long after cutting out all gluten should i expect to see improvement? within 24 hrs or longer term ?

: : i hope i have this celiac disease!- might sound strange but if i have at least there should be improvement, whereas with ibs straight there doseen't seem like there's ever any significant improvement.
: : thanks for your help.

: I noticed a difference within 24 hours, but you have to be very careful to read labels. There are wheat fillers, avoid anything that just says starch (it's usually wheat), salad dressings, anything with vinegar i.e. pickles, worcestershire sauce, picante sauce.Balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar are ok. Also avoid soy sauce (it has wheat in it),beer is a big no-no. For now, I would avoid alcohol all together. Try to avoid fast food restraunts, anything and everything breaded. Anything with malt which believe it or not includes most cereals - they have malt flavoring added. Do not take Tylenol products, they all have gluten. Beware of your vitamins as well. If I were you, for about a week, I would prepare my own food and see what happens. It definitly can't hurt you. It's the only treatment for Celiac. There are no drugs or treatments, just change in diet. I get irritated not being able to just fix myself a sandwich, but all in all, I feel so good, it's worth giving up all that stuff. Of course, you know to avoid cereals, breads, cookies, crackers,and a biggie PASTA - anything good! See if this helps and let me know. I noticed a difference in the diarrhea and how I felt immediately. I didn't have a headache, I didnt' feel weak and tired and I didn't have to keep running to the bathroom every five minutes.
: Good Luck and let me know how your experiment goes!
: Angie E

Thought I would add some of my experiences with going off gluten and wheat. I was actually very sick for about a week. I ate so much bread the doctor told me I was going into withdrawal. It's different with everyone and the amount of damage done to the intestinal villi. It takes 6 months to a year for the villi to grow back but you will feel better much sooner. Anytime you accidentally ingest gluten, more damage is done and it takes longer. As far as Tylenol is concerned, call them.. Some of their products are gluten free and they will send you a list and also some coupons. I also check every prescription drug with the manufacturer to make sure it is gluten free. There are also shopping lists and medications lists you can get through It's hard to keep up with it all but I find that if I stick to fresh foods, I am pretty safe.

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