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Re: help! diagnosis......please. is this ibs?

Re: help! diagnosis......please. is this ibs?

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Posted by Janet on December 08, 2000 at 07:48:08:

In Reply to: help! diagnosis......please. is this ibs? posted by miguel on December 08, 2000 at 05:49:35:

: I often feel the need to dedecate, ie feel all hot, itrchy, like somethings trying to force it's way out. Then when I visit the toilet to try to let it come out it dosen't want to, it's just like it's sitting there not moving so I have to stretch and strain to move it out. If I get up without having done so the irritation just continues and it makes me very itchy and scratchy? Does anyone recognise this? Does it sound like ibs? Also when it does come out it's often in a series of smallish lumps rather than big stools. This usually happens in the evening. In the morning, soon as I get up, suff wqants to come out and does much easier, but it's oftyen very skinny sometimes diorrea-like.
: Help! Diagnosis please, someone who knows about these horrible things. Ibs or other?
: Also does anyone know a branch of the medical profession where they do examine your stools and diagnose you from this examination because I haven't ever heard of any. Thanks to anyone who reads this and anyone who replies.

You would want to see a specialist called a gastroenterologist. They specialize in the digestive system. I urge you to see one. Others, such a general practitioners, tend to diagnose something such as IBS much too quickly before they rule everything else out. There is no diagnostic test for IBS, it is a ruling out process. As soon as you have ruled everything else out, then you can come to that conclusion. As for your symptoms, I would begin taking a fiber supplement. Look at Harry's posts. He knows a lot, and you will get all of the info you need by reading them. Good Luck, Janet

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