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10 years docs say i had pseudo they say IBS???

10 years docs say i had pseudo they say IBS???

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Posted by Debbie boomgaarden on December 12, 2000 at 14:06:09:

hello I had been diagnosed at Mayo clicic in 1991 with chronic idiopathic the past 10 years studies have shown delayed gastric emptying colinic inertia ( in which they removed my entire colon) several suregeries that were due to bowel obstructions due to adhesion or incisional latest entrocolysis reveqaled sevearal dilated loops of small bowel near my anastomosis ..several in the misddle and near the Jejenum..x-ray inter was read as pseudobstruction..a recent small bowel manometry test was said to be normal although the doc that did the test refused to accept that i had pseodobstruction...he has ben saying irratable bowel since i saw him but has not reviewed my records showing several tests that point to psedobstruction...lkast year i had delayed gastric emptying i had a half time clearance with some marker test that was 75% still remained where it wasnt supposed to ( not sure how to explain that one) anyway i dont care what to call it but he has prescribed is a depression drug supposed to help me with this..i have severe gas and bloating and the pain that brought me to the doc this time was in my right side beside my sternum that radiates into my shoulder..if i stand it hurts like the devil so i have to lay down and keep pressure on it..what ususally happens is i hear a gurgling and my husband and i can ususally manipulate it and then i pass a lot of gas and that releives the pain....could the docs for 10 years including mayo been wrong and i could still have a colon...MY Main question is how is effexor supposed to help this ibs/pseudobstruction...i am scared to take it..i thought colinc intertia or bowel dysmotility was treated with prokenetics?? any help would be appreciated as i dont want to take a sri if it wont work due to side effects!

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