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Re: Not sure if it's IBS...Please Help

Re: Not sure if it's IBS...Please Help

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Posted by CLB on December 13, 2000 at 13:16:17:

In Reply to: Re: Not sure if it's IBS...Please Help posted by Harry on December 12, 2000 at 10:37:44:

: : : I have been suffering from abdominal pain for about a year, now.
: : : My doctor was certain that it was an ulcer. After the many testes conducted, they couldn't find anything.
: : : As a last resort, my doctor told me that I have IBS.
: : : This was two weeks ago.
: : : My symptoms are as follow:
: : : Abdominal pain, at least twice a day. Heartburn. No diarrhea, and no constipation.

: : : Can someone please relate to this or provide helpful information, as I am not even sure what I have?????

: : : Many thanks,

: : : JG

: :
: : With no diarrhea and no constipation, I would really question his diagnosis...Did he mention GERD or Gastro Esophogal Reflux Disease? My ex-husband has that. Abdominal pain, severe heartburn. He has to sit up after meals and he burps alot. It seems to be worse at night for some reason. I don't know if it being worse at night is a symptom or not. My ex thought he had an ulcer as well and tests showed nothing. They gave him a mediciation for GERD and it helped considerably. I can't remember what he was given, but I'm sure Harry can help with this one. I'm not sure what the symptoms are for gallbladder, but that is something I would check into as well, unless you've already been tested for that. Good Luck!
: : Angie E

: Hi JG,
: Angie's right it sound like gallbladder if your pain is in the upper right-side beneath the rib cage. If it's GERDs there is alot of heartburn but not much abdominal pain but pressure up your throat.The drug that is used most for Gerds is Prilosec.

: With no diarrhea or constipation ---its not Irritable Bowel Syndrome as defined by the standard criteria.The pain could be caused by cramps or spasms. Lack of calcium and magnesium in your diet can cause these.You didn't say what part of the abdomen the pain happens and if it is related to food intake??
: If you read much on this board you know I am a big believer in using a water soluble fiber supplement regardless of what your diagnosis is because I think it just helps your digestive system function properly. I use Metamucil.
: God Bless----Harry

It doesn't sound like IBS to me either. I just went to the doctor today and he informed me that I most likely have IBS as well as possible gastritis and dysphagia. I have extreme abdominal pain and diarreah after just about every meal. I also suffer from chronic heartburn. The heartburn sounds more like acid reflux (GERD) than IBS. Everything I have read and the doctor has told me links IBS to diarreah or constipation. I would get a second opinion. My doctor has ordered an Upper GI and a Barium Swallow to look into the chronic heartburn. Good luck to you and I hope your symptoms improve.

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