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Re: 4 year old-Kidney Reflux?

Re: 4 year old-Kidney Reflux?

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Posted by bett on October 08, 2000 at 22:44:10:

In Reply to: Re: 4 year old-Kidney Reflux? posted by Sandra on September 07, 2000 at 08:24:40:

: My name is Sandra. I am a 29-year old mother of Samantha. She just turned 3. She told me it hurt when she pee'd recently. Then the next morning when I wiped her she was bleeding. Took her to the doctors where they put her on Bactrim for a urinary tract infection. She started to pee again and finished the antiobiotic. 9-days later it hurt again. After further testing it appeared she was on the incorrect antibiotic for the bacteria that she had. They then put her on Suprax (what a difference in price from Bactrim to Suprax: worth it of course). It cleared up the UTI and we then had an ultrasound of the kidneys done. Everything came back fine and they have now instructed me to schedule a VCUG; which I have done with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I take her on the 28th of this month but I am terrified. I know that this is only the beginning and all could be o.k. but I know that they will have to catheterize her. I'm not looking forward to the pain that she will endure during this testing. I'm an emotional person and so I am afraid that I won't be able to be strong while Sam is getting this done. I don't want to scare her but they tell me that I can be with her the whole time, and I want to but I want to be strong also. Any suggestions for strength?

: I have not been informed of what stage of reflux Sam has. Can anyone tell me when they will determine this? Sam has been through so much. She had both eyes probed at age 1 for tear duct problems. Her right eye never cleared up so then they put a silicone tube in her eye and she pulled it out. She's a real trooper. Never afraid and never resistant. But, I'm the one more nervous and she is older now. Able to resist and voice an opinion. How did your children react to the VCUG? did they fight being catheterized? What did they do to control your kids? I'm scared. Any suggestions? I look forward to your advice.

: Emotional,

: Sandra
my daughter has grade three reflux in both kidneys and has had several vcug's done. one a recent as last week.she also had her first at age 3. what they do is put a numbing gel,so that when they insert the catheter they do not feel it. i think that there only problem with the test is the fear of what will be happening to them.just hold her hand and try to keep her mind on something else.they usually put a movie on a small tv above the exray table while they are doing the test. this helps alot.then they start a fluid through the catheter which fills the bladder and shows when the bladder is full on a tv screen,you will be able to see,then they will tell her to pee when it's full,and as she pees they will be able to see if the urine empties out or if some goes back up to the kidney,and how much. that is how they grade the reflux,by how much urine goes up to the kidney. the only advice i can give you is make sure your daughter drinks plenty of fluid after the test, it gives them a severe burning when they urinate afterwards for about 24hrs, because of the medication they use.the more you drink, and urinate the faster it goes away. my daughter was afraid to urinate this time so i put her in the bathtub in warm water and she went without a problem,then of course i rinsed her in the shower. but it was a great relief for her. she said mommy it doesn't hurt like the last time.she is having surgery to cut the ureters and reimplant them into her kidneys, to correct her problem, she will not outgrow hers and has had several infections while on the preventive medication. well i hope i was able to help you.if you get a chance let me know how you make out.i wish you lots of luck. take care

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