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Re: Kidney Reflux

Re: Kidney Reflux

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Posted by Shellie McBeth on October 25, 2000 at 10:31:24:

In Reply to: Re: Kidney Reflux posted by bett on October 12, 2000 at 19:51:02:

Well, we had our yearly test. Our youngest one does not have the reflux, Thankfully!! But our 2yr old hasn't had any change on her right side where she has the duplicated system. Our specialist had told us that he would recommend surgery if the reflux hadn't lessened by now. There was no detection of reflux on the left side, but i guess by reading info on here that doesn't necessarily meen it has gone away. I'll be praying for you and your little one - let me know how everything goes.

: : Our daughter is now 2yrs and 2 months old, when she was 5months we detected reflux on both sides at a stage 4. She also has a duplication on her left side. We are now taking bactrum daily and so far we have had 1 detected breakthrough. She is getting ready to have her yearly vcgu and if the reflux is at the same stage with no change our dr. recommends that we proceed with surgery...The scary part is ,,, we also have another baby 16 months younger then our 2 yr old, and it is our understanding that she has a 50% chance of having reflux as well. so they will both be tested sometime this month. have you heard of siblings both having reflux b4? Best of luck you your family.
: : : : my daughter is 4 1/2 diagnosed at 9weeks with reflux on her left side of 2 and the right side 4-5 she's had vcug's yearly and dmsa scans which realed damage/scarring to her right kidney. She's been on maintenance antibiotics since diagnosis and very well until recently when she unfortunately had a breakthrough infection. Her doctor then tells us that she's be underdosed in medication so we've now increased her dose to twice a day. The reflux on her left side didn't show up in the last 3 years but has remained on her right side still at a level 4. She also has duplication of a ureter on that side. The doctor is advising surgeory and doesn't believe she will outgrow this. We are very concerned and are not sure but we are seeking a second opinion from CHOPs. I would be interested in any input, any doctors you would refer.
: : : my daughter is six years old and was diagnosed with grade three reflux in both kidneys at age three,she was also put on bactrum 1tsp. daily. she had yearly vcug's and renal ultrasounds,at age five the tests showed the reflux was gone.I left with a sigh of relief. At age five and a half my daughter ended up in the hospital with a severe kidney infection the tests were repeated and she has grade 3 reflux in both kidneys again. since march she has had 3 infections and will be having surgery at the end of october. I go to DR.ATALA at the Childrens Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.It is suppose to be the best in the world, people come from everywhere to see these drs. and from my own experiences i am very pleased with them. i was also told that anymore than a grade 2 reflux most times will need surgical repairs,and although i am very scared i think in the end the results will be benificial to my daughter. best of luck to you and your daughter. i hope i have helped you in some way.
: i have heard from several people in the waiting room of the drs. office, that have other children in there family that also have the reflux. My dr said that it is very common for younger siblings to also have it,but there is always a chance they may not,but would need to be checked yearly.I have five children,but they are all older and she is my youngest,and they have never had this daughter will be having surgery on oct.26 i am very nervous, but i feel at this time this is what needs to be done to eliminate future problems. this surgery will not prevent her from infections but will keep the infected urine from going into her kidney. well best of luck with your children,and keep in touch.

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