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Re: infant with horseshoe kidneys

Re: infant with horseshoe kidneys

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Posted by Janet on November 28, 2000 at 01:27:42:

In Reply to: infant with horseshoe kidneys posted by helg on April 24, 2000 at 19:19:44:

: My son is now a year old and doing quite well. However he was born with some unusual anomalies which at the time of his birth I was unaware off. At 5 weeks old I took my baby to the doctors with a fever and loss of weight and appetite. I thought i was being over cautious - it turned out he had a urine infection. I was shocked and frightened by the agressive treatment he was given for this which included a five day hospital stay and follow up anti-biotics for a further 6 months. My son then went on to have several tests on his kidney and uretha (hope ive spelt this correctly.) This included an ultra sound, a micturating cystogram, a renogram and goodness knows what else. At first I was told that his kidneys were normal, but later I discovered that they were joined together. Initially I was told that this was insignificant but then another doctor said he needed more tests. Eventually after much brow beating and a bewildering diversity of advice from the doctors his scans were sent to Great Ormand Street in London for advice from the nephrologist there. I then went back to the hospital and was told that the kidneys are joined by a non functioning isthesus, and that his ureters are slightly dialated. I was told he could stop his antibiotics and that if he had an unexplained temperature at any time a urine specimen should be obtained. It was also mentioned to me that my son has a higher risk of developing tumours in his kidney than the average child.

: Im releived that he seems to be doing well now - but Im terrified that he will develop a urine infection which will damage his kidneys without me noticing the early signs. Also the possibility of him developing renal cancer in the future also worries me. Can anyone tell me approximately how much his chances of developing this are increased as opposed to any other child. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

: Incidently my son also has a naso-lacrimal duct fistula, tongue tie and bilateral simian creases in case this is relevent.

Hello, I just found this board, that is why this response is so late. I just wanted to let you know that I am a 33 year old female and just recently found out that I have a horseshoe kidney. I was having an ultrasound to rule out gallstones when it was discovered. They told me that I probably would have never known I had this if it were not for the ultrasound. You son will, I am sure, lead a perfectly normal life with this. I have!! Take Care, Janet

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