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Posted by Kathryn on April 23, 2000 at 21:12:29:

I'm 14 years old
and i wanted to tell you my story so any one with kids wont have the same problem.
I was 9 years old in 4th grade and i couldnt sleep at night with a dry cough and chest pains my mom knew something was wrong and took me to my doctor and he said i just had a chest cold nothin serious and put me on atibiotics. 2 weeks passed my mom saw me getting worse where i was having trouble breathing my mom called the doctor again and said theres something wrong with my daughter i need x rays done on her now we got the x rays done and we found out it was much worse then a chest cold i had double viral pnemonia the infection was in both of my lungs, the nurses that took my x rays said i was lucky my mom made my doctor get me x rays casue if we had let it go a little longer i wouldnt be here. i was hospitilized for about a month then in and out for another two, i still get chest pains because my lungs are still weak,im the top swimmer on my swim team so it didnt ruin me doing sports it just takes alot more effort, for all the parents out there that have kids and when they get sick and u believe the doctor made a mistake because your watchin your child get worse get x rays done becasue it can be alot worse, due to this i got a new doctor and im healthy now, i just dont want ne more little kids goin through what i did because my doctor didnt catch it when it first started to prevent how bad it got.

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