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Posted by Bill on August 30, 2000 at 17:09:54:

In Reply to: Chest Discomfort posted by Dale on August 25, 2000 at 11:38:21:

I have had similar problems. I think getting excited about the pain doesn't help. You may have some acid reflux disease from a hernia. I do, but it took a endoscopy(?) to prove it. Then, several different medications to help it. Some worked, some didn't. Aciphex seems to help. Although, now I seem to have various pains in my chest, back, lower abdomin. Not sure, but I'm now going through a battery of tests, XRays, CT Scans, etc. My doc thinks it might be related to Lyme Disease. Anyway, keep after the doctor, see another. Don't be satisfied, until you are.

: Hello I am hoping that someone can possibly shed some light on a health question that I have. I am a 29yo Male, In april of this year I was declined for life insurance due to high triglycerides, and cholesterol. After a visist to my doctor and being told to change my diet, he sent me for another blood test. The readings came back good The triglycerides dropped and my cholesterol ratio improved. But I was told that my blood pressure was high (140/90), and to keep on the diet and the doc would re-evualuate me in a month. During this time I grew more concerned with my health, I began to check my blood pressure at the local pharmacy it climbed to 150/100. about a month ago I began to have chest pains. The pain would begin in the center of my chest and radiate out from there, it was a dull ache. I grew more concerned, and went to see my doctor again. My blood pressure was still high and I was told to cut back on caffine, stop taking the allegra-d i take for my sinus. and come back in two weeks. the next day the pains were back and I felt short of breath. I called the doc and he sent me to the ER. After the usual battery of tests EKG, X-Ray, blood work, I was told I was fine and to go see my doc the next day. He then placed me on a anti-depressant (xanax) for anxiety. and explained that my EKG was normal, and Chest X-Ray was Normal. All Blood work came back as normal with the exception of CK which was around 400. He said this was probably due to a virus and scheduled me for blood work again. After 2 weeks I went back to see him my blood pressure was down to 122/82 and the blood work came back normal. ldl/hdl ratio of 5.7, and the CK level was lower. Though the chest pains persisted, It felt as though belching helped allievate the pain and shortness of breath so he prescribed Zantac, the chest discomfort got better but persisted. I still could not think of anything other then my health, began to believe I was dying, all types of thing went through my mind, as a former smoker (I quit 3 years ago) I began to believe I may have Lung Cancer, why I really can't say. I told my doc of my concerns and he told me that it was highly unlikely that the problems I am having are that serious. He then gave me a Pulmanary Function test to prove to me that my lungs were fine. The results, you guessed it high normal, all results over 100% of expected normal. He said even for an ex-smoker my lungs are excellent. He then explained about hyperventilation, anxiety, and depression, he said that these and acid reflux are the likely culprits of my symptoms, and prescribed me serzon. After hearing this I felt better for a few days but am again having the tightness in my chest. I have been taking the serzone, and when I am busy or otherwise preoccupied I don't notice any pain or discomfort, but when I stop and think about it the feelings come back with the fear of a serious underlying cause. Then may go away quickly. My question to this group do you belive I have a serious lung condition I should worry about, or trust my doctors judgement? I thank you in advance for any help.

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