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Posted by gilly on September 10, 2000 at 04:41:18:

In Reply to: Re: Dried Mucous Plugs in Lungs posted by Dave R on July 24, 2000 at 02:35:18:

: : Hi Gene,

: : I have been coughing up hard mucous plugs since I was about nine years old. My doctors have
: : never paid any attention to it either. I often have pain and shortness of breath before coughing
: : them up, and sometimes the pain lasts for a few days afterwards. I have had pneumonia over 20
: : times, and it seems that I am constantly sick. The doctors seem to just attribute my condition
: : to asthma and allergies, but I've never met anyone else with asthma like this. I took a sample of
: : the mucous plugs to my doctor recently, and he said that he would send them to a pathologist
: : to find out exactly what they are...he seemed shocked to actually see them...I still haven't heard
: : back from him about the results.

: : I don't know if this is any help to you, but I am glad to find someone outside of my family who has
: : this problem (my oldest brother sometimes coughs them up too.)

: : Melanie
: : : : I was just diagnosed with dried mucous plugs in lungs. I am coughing up periodically a granular substance. I have a tickle in my chest and it won't go away until I cough up the substance. Has anyone out there ever had anything like this? My doctor doesn't seem to be concerned. My chest x-ray showed a scar in my lungs. Had a light bout of pneumonia a couple of years ago. Don't know if this caused the scar or not.

: I to have been coughing up mucus plugs. my DR. calls them bronchial plugs. He too does not seemed concerned, but he is not coughing them up. Mine started after a chemical spill. I would like some one to tell me what you do in public when you can't stop coughing, it gets very embaresing hi guy for the last 7 month I have been sick it started off with pneumonia but after medication I still had trouble breathing in my right after seven month of misery I have made great gains in clearing my lung about 50% I know my lung is filled with glue like mucus because every now and then I cough some up and when I do a little bit of my lung clears up the doctor says that I have no mucus but that is totally absurd I have been searching the internet this whole time and have finally come across you guys I thought I was the only one with something like this I am hoping that once I clear my lungs completely that the problem wont return but 7 month was longer than I expected to have this aliment the doctors are of no help whatsoever do you have any suggestions on medication or ways to physically help me clear my lung my email address is [email protected] good luck

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