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Posted by William Guy on September 21, 2000 at 21:23:51:

The following message is rather long. I am attempting to eliminate second guessing responses about issues I have already dealt with. In 1997 I began having a problem with an unusual smell that was everywhere I went, esp in my home. Cat scan proved OK, no brain tumor. Problem contined into late 1998 when I found that my van had a coating of transmission fluid covering the entire unbody forcing hydrocarbon fumes into the cab while driving. Evedently the transmission would have spells where it would erupt and spray a new coat of fluid on the underbody. There were situations where I noticed a very strong smell (that same old smell)while driving and had the engine itself checked for oil leaks and exhaust leaks and nothing was found. Van was used extensively in travel. After long trips I had difficulty breathing and the smell disorder was more prevelent. Sold van in Dec 1998. Breathing problems inproved. Smell disorder permently linked to gases (odd smell is always the same with all gases) coming from household furnishing etc as well as to anything that has an oil base. Smell disorder in itself is not as troubling, but when it is at its height I have difficulty breathing and develop congestion in my lungs. I have never had breathing problems before this, except when using cleaning agents. Even then the problem would disappear in about an hour. Does anyone have info on the effects of hydrocarbons on olfactory and lungs? I recently replaced the furnace, elect air filter and carbon activated filters. Sensitivity may be linked to very small amounts of gasses that do not bother other family members, such as formalhyde, scotch guard on couches and paint on walls. Still trying to locate source or sources. There are times after experiencing a great deal of fresh air the problem goes away for awhile. Family members are not bothered, therefore I am often viewed as a lillte crazy, something many of you can probably relate to. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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