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Posted by Christina on September 23, 2000 at 03:18:17:

In Reply to: Pneumo Thorax Correction posted by Matt on September 02, 2000 at 14:41:09:

I to just got out of the hospital due to a collapsed lung. Mine happend Sept 7. I had just woke up and was getting ready to get my kids ready for school. I felt an excruciating pain in my back and thought it was a pinched nerve. Well I couldnt breath. My son found me collapsed on the floor and ran for my husband, he in turn asked if I wanted the ambulance. I also suffer from Bipolar (a mental disorder) and have attempted suicide on many occasions. I was not sure if I wanted help or not because of the longing to die. Not being able to kill yourself is a different feeling than having something unexpected happen like this. I was carried off in the ambulance. they had to pull over because I stopped breathing and the EMT rigged up a quick gadget with what materials he had and inserted this into my chest. My pain went away (at that moment I knew it was not a pinched nerve in my back). I remember being in a room many hours later with a chest tube. 2 days later my lung collapased 100% again. My husband gave the DR. permission to operate. They stapled my lung back and roughed up my lung to stick the my chest lining for a hopeful permanent recovery. After surgery I remember screaming for someone to kill me, to overdose me, because the pain was too much. I finally received a morphine pump to help the pain from surgery and the god awful chest tube. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I went through a really bad depression spell for 3 days. I have been out now for 1 week and life seems more precious to me. It still hurts, but i am thankful to my husband for oking the surgery. They told me I too was a prime candidate. 27, very, very thin. I did a lot of drugs and smoked throughout my younger years which help the "soft spots" on my lung to deteriate. Over all a week later I am still recovering, i am going to have some hideous scars and I have to quit smoking and gain weight. But I am alive and can see life through different eyes. The 3 week knowledge I have to pass on is go get the surgery!!!!!!! Gain weight and don't smoke or do drugs!!! oh and after surgery when you are released, MAKE SURE YOU GET A GOOD PAIN MEDICATION AND GET IT FILLED ASAP!! (I opted not to get the meds and now I am fighting trying to get them).Try not to sneeze or cough for a good week or so afterwards. My prayers for you for the right decision to have the surgery and it be a sucess.

I have read some of these posts on pneumo thoax (lung collapses) and thought I would make a post seeing that no one has left their email addresses for me to conact with.
: I am 18, tall and thin, and a male (the classic case the Dr said - yay for me!), and had my first pneumo thorax over the winter of 1999-2000. I didnt know what it was, other than excrutiating pain in my right chest! It came on when I bent over to lift my book bag for school. I did all i could to make it up stairs to lay down, and the pain just was there no matter what I did, but it got better, so I didnt go to the Dr. This pain happened again over the summer, and my parents made my go get it checked out, and sure enough to my surprise my lung was down 80%. I had to be hospitalized with a chest tube to re-inflate it. I recovered form that, but found my lung collapsed 5% after having it xrayed again because I felt pain a few weeks after being out of the hospital. I went to see a lung specialist in Boston to find out what the hell was going on with me. I learned about surgery which would almost garauntee it not happeneing again. They would excise all of the "blebs" which were bursting and allowing my lung to collapse. These blebs have been described to me as my lung not being able to grow as fast as my body, and weak spots (the belbs) form. They can tear from something as simple as a cough! This was all scary stuff to me. I had a CAT scan which detected small belbs on both of my lungs. Just almost two weeks ago i got "the pain" again and had a 20% collapse on my right side again (nothing on the left so far!!!). I had no time for the 6 hr drive to Boston unless they chest tubed me as for fear of a tension pneumo thorax which is deadly (the heart shifts because of the pressure in the chest when the lung collapses). I went to a closer hospital that would do surgery on me as I would end up with a chest tube either way, surgery or not. They stapled one small bleb they found, and then decided to use talc powder to make my lung adhere to my chest lining to keep a series of tiny blebs from bursting. Their other option was to rough up the lung which they said would be a much more painful recovery. I have been home for about three days now and the pain is better each day, but still I cannot lay down all the way without being in pain. I hope this goes away, and hope that this will be the end of my lung collpasing experiences! If anyone else wants to compare notes please email me at [email protected]
: Thanks
: Matt

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