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Posted by rebecca on October 11, 2000 at 04:13:08:

In Reply to: Re: Ideopathic Pulminary Fibrosis posted by murphy on August 08, 2000 at 14:41:41:

: Ralean: I just located your message and send condolences. First please understand-THERE ARE NO CURES OR TREATMENTS TO STOP PULMONARY FIBROSIS. Transplant is an elective surgery, as in it isn't an emergency and lists are long. You choose to have that surgery. That said, there are many requirements to qualify for tx. Age is one of them, survival for older persons is not good.Hospitals must try for survival of their transplants, there are just not enough to go around.Your insurance must pre-approve the costs.
: There are many conditions a person can have that preclude tx viability- heart? diabetes? cancers?
: other health problems- a person can not survive with many of these pre exisiting conditions. It wasn't that the hosital didn't choose him, he didn't meet medical criteria. It is sad for the family and hard to understand. Some times people wait too long to consider other options, and transplant isn't a surgery "on demand", it can take years to find the right lung replacement.

:Murphy You should take into coinsideration that she is in the greiving process. My mother died from this disease also and she too was regected from getting a transplant my mother was only 38 years old and do you know what the doctor said the reason for the denile was for? SHE WAS TOO FAT! but she was not she had her whole life ahead of her and that was taken away from her beacause a couple of doctors got together and decided that she did not meet the medical criteria because she was to heavy. Doctors are the number one cause of death in the US because they think they are god and make the split decision to save your life or to deny you treatment. To all you people that have Ipf get a number of pulminary doctors and do not take only one doctors OPINION because that is all that it is in the feild of this desease they DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT IT> GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my mothers one fatal mistake...If you have any Questions,comments,any info, email me @[email protected]

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