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Posted by jbacon on October 28, 2000 at 15:51:14:

In Reply to: Phrenic Nerve Damage(Paralized right Diaphram) Collapsed lung/Pheumonia. posted by Frank David on September 26, 2000 at 15:16:31:

: I was in an auto accident June 3,2000. Admitted to the hospital and released. I went in for surgery on AUG 30,2000. I was released the same day and sent home. 30-60 minuites later I could not breath and my temp was 104. I was rushed back to the hospital and admitted to ER and then ICU for 7 days. The hospital said I had an embolism? They ran several tests and didn't say yes or no. Did X-rays and found a collapsed right lung/Pheumonia. Ran CAT scans and SNIFFER tests and said that my right diaphram was parialized. I have not been given any answers from the hospital or the hospital staff? I am currently seeing 6 diffrent Doctor's and waiting for results from the lung doctor. Does anyone know what I can expect? Can it be fixed? The hospital doctor's have told me they think the damage was from the accident and it was brought out by the sugery, is this possible? I am very active and was running 14 to 16 miles a week and practicing martial arts 3 times a week. Would this have been possible given the my medical condition's?

I have a friend that has the same condition that followed an episode with a wound that was not healing. He was treated with three powerful anti-biotics at the same time: Vancomycin, Amikacin and Cefepime. He is a diabetic and was given dieuretics in addition to the antibiotics, and went into kidney failure and was close to cardiac arrest before the physicians were able to correct an electrolyte imbalance plus a potassium imbalance. He was told that he then developed walking pneumonia. His wound is healing but he now has a paralyzed right diaphram. His breathing capacity with the left lung is about 35% of normal.We've wondered if the combination of the powerful antibiotics have caused some never damage. jjbacon

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