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Posted by Weber on November 06, 2000 at 23:01:33:

In Reply to: post liver transplant complications & heart and respiratory disorder posted by Grace on July 23, 2000 at 16:35:06:

My Father is a 56 year old post-transplant patient whose liver damage was caused by Hepatitis B. He had a successful transplant on 10/1/00 at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota.

Recently he has also been experiencing some complications. Currently his ALT levels are 366 and rising. The wound is healing very slowly and I'm afraid it might be rejection. I really don't know. That is of course the most frustrating part of all this: not knowing how to help.

As I was searching the web for more information I came across your post and felt compelled to respond. I'm sorry that I don't have any information to help you, and I hope that your fathers condition has improved by now. I can sense your sadness and frustration, probably because I feel the same way. I hope this note makes you feel a little better; writing it certainly helped me.

Weber Lin

: My father is a 51 year old post-transplant patient. He has suffered from cirrhosis of the liver for approx.
: 20 years and was recently diagnosed with cancer of the liver as a result of the cirrhosis. On 4/27/2000,
: he had a successful liver transplant. The new liver function is normal. He has been experiencing many
: post-transplant complications.

: Since the transplant, my father has been on many medications such as antibiotics, immuno-suppressants,
: anti-depressants, and diuretics. He is now only taking anti-depressants, immuno-suppressants, and diuretics,
: with the addition of a blood pressure medication.

: Currently, his liver and lungs are normal. His kidney function was already less then normal prior to the transplant.
: Approx. two and a half weeks post-transplant, he underwent an intestinal perforation due to a colonoscopy.
: An emergency operation was performed to repair this accident.

: Since the transplant on 4/27/2000, he has been in the Intensive Care Unit for 3 months, and has had fluid
: retention on his lungs, especially on the right lung, as well as all over his body during this entire time, and
: a difficulty in breathing, and is experiencing more coughing. Three procedures to extract the fluid off of his
: lungs has been performed and also diuretics has been given, with no lasting results. At the present time,
: he is still suffering from excessive fluid retention on his lungs. His doctors has made it clear to us, the
: family, that they don't know the cause of these symptoms or of a plan of treatment for the fluid retention and
: other complications that are thought to be related to a disorder of the central nervous system.

: It is suspected that due to the persistent problem of fluid retention on the lungs, his heart function has
: deteriorated from a 65% in May 2000 to only a 20%-25% function compared to what is normal. His
: kidney function also has worsened. He once produced almost no urine for 4 days. His blood pressure
: has been fluctuating, going from his usual 140/80 to what is now 90/60.

: At this point in time, my father's doctors can not diagnose the cause of fluid retention. They are not certain
: as to whether the fluid on his lungs is causing his heart's decreased function or whether the heart problem
: is causing the fluid retention. But we do know that his heart function was perfect before the transplant.

: If anyone has any thoughts or input on my father's condition, please respond. Thank you.


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