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Posted by Mary on November 16, 2000 at 15:50:20:

In Reply to: MY MOTHER AND MY AUNT HAVE IDIOPATHIC PULMINARY FIBROSIS READ ME!!! posted by Rebecca on October 11, 2000 at 04:34:39:

My father was just diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. He had a dry cough for three years, that just kept getting worse and worse. Finally the doctor listened to him and sent him to a lung specialist and after an open lung biopsy was diagnosed with it. He just started on the prednisone so we won't know for a few months if its working or not. My father is 72 but your mother was so young at 37 - thats terrible. I have been doing research on it on the computer because we haven't been told much by the doctors. They have said that in a small number of cases there may be a hereditary factor. You should certainly discuss this with a doctor. I'm glad to hear your Aunt is doing well. It gives my some hope.

: My mother was 37 years old when she found out that she had IPF and died almost one year to the day of her diagnosis. Come to find out that my Aunt(my mother's sister,56) four years after the passing of her sister she too has IPF. The differences in the treatments that they where both given is dramatic. My mother was given a lower dosage of prednisone than my aunt. 20mg difference. My aunt is still living and they are now wheening her off of the prednisone. My mother went through kemo-theoropy and my aunt's doctors still have not suggested this to her yet as to date.. My mother only had one doctor and I think because at the time that my mom was diagnosed(in 94) They had no Idea where it came from or what caused it hence the name idiopathic idio: means not known, pathic: means no cause. My aunt on the other hand has 9 pulminary doctors I think the advancement of the treatments is rapidly growing for the desease. Standford now has a experimental treatments going on... I am just wondering one thing if my aunt and my mother both had or have it am I prone to getting it? Please email me with comments or info [email protected]
: Thank you for reading and your comments.

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