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Hi, New Here.

Hi, New Here.

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Posted by Daniel on November 13, 1999 at 16:04:36:

To start, My mom was diagnosed with lupus about a
couple of years ago. (I am going to try to get her to
this board, but I'm not sure how internet savvy she
is yet). She is also a diabetic, which further
complicated things. She is in her 60's and a retired
RN. a couple of years ago she was being treated for
Pneumonia, they tried 6 series of antibiotics, none of which had any effect (over a two month period of time), shortly after this she went into kidney failure. The kidney casts came out as diabetes and lupus, for some reason the doctors decided to ignore the lupus, and blame it on diabetes. The problems with the kidneys, and Pneumonia went away, and about a year later she was put in the hospital with a lung condition - hardening of the lung tissue. A lung biopsy identified it as Lupus. They put her on 50 mg of pregnisone, and because of the diabetes, had to add an oral kemo, which ended up making her really sick, the doctor she was seeing wanted her to go on regular kemo. (this is a story all by itself, If I can get my mom on I'm sure she can tell her story much better than I, so Ill leave that to her).

She is now much better over the last year she has been able to drop the pregnisone a little at a time down to about 3mg, and hasn't had any episodes sense.

She did ask me to find out what everyone thought about kemo as a therapy for lupus?

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