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Symptoms. Might it be lupus?

Symptoms. Might it be lupus?

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Posted by Skymouse on May 12, 2000 at 15:35:03:

I'm a 35 yr old male, not on any medications and not diagnosed with any illness.

Some of my symptoms seem to fit in with descriptions of Lupus, others don't. I'm also aware that Lupus is not common among 35-yr-old males, and that the age of onset of some of my symptoms is earlier than usually reported. But here's my list, anyway.

Skin disorders for many years. Had Roacutaine treatment for severe acne about 10 years ago. I get peculiar rashes and inflamation, esp. on face, that develop very quickly (sometimes it takes less than an hour to appear). Triggered by exposure to sun and possibly stress.

Constant fatigue, aggravated by sun and fluorescent lights and then accompanied by dizziness, mild nausea-like sensation, sneezing, and skin rashes.

Myoclonus that occurs whenever I attempt to rest or relax, accompanied by dizziness that feels similar to motion-sickness. This becomes more servere when fatugued. At worst, a myoclonic jerk involving several muscle groups occurs within seconds of relaxation. Sometimes several spasms occur in quick succession. There is no loss of consciousness during these spasms. They become very significantly worse when fatigued, and when mentally relaxed (e.g. bored or unfocussed) or when experiencing reduced sensory stimulus.

Tics in many different muscle groups (basically, voluntary muscle groups all overy body). The tic is semi-voluntary, and consists of a brief, fairly simple movement. While not servere or incapaciting, or even noticeable to all observers, it is irritating to me because it is so constant (many days, there will be few or no half-minute periods in which no tic occurred).

Joint discomforts and pains, mostly in hands, wrists, elbows and knees, especially if not flexed for a while. Knee pain was, I think, first to appear (during mid-teens), and is now the most severe of my joint pains (though sporadic).

Mouth ulcers (sporadic).

Very sore lesions (sometimes bleeding) on scalp - although there has been no recurrence now for several years.

During early childhood, hallucinations and cognitive disorders. Cognitive disorders recurred until mid to late teens; rare thereafter.

I appreciate that some of my symptoms appear earlier than one would expect for lupus, and that some groups of symptoms might be unrelated to each other. But the combination of neurological, skin, and skeleto-muscular symptoms makes this seem a worthwhile line of enquiry. Any takers?


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