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Re: Pregnancy and Lupus

Re: Pregnancy and Lupus

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Posted by Bettye on June 03, 2000 at 00:34:18:

In Reply to: Pregnancy and Lupus posted by Ed on February 10, 2000 at 06:21:41:

: Hi,
: My friend has lupus and has just found out she is pregnant for the second time. Her first baby was born 8
: months ago and is fine, there were a lot of complications with the first pregnancy and birth incl,
: a blood clotting scare. She is scared and unsure if it`s safe to go through with a second pregnancy but also worried about the risks of termination.
: Any advice or thoughts would be very appreciated.
: thanx

Hi Ed. I am new to this message board stuff but thought I might be able to shed a little light on Pregnancy and Lupus. My daughter who has had lupus since the age of 5, I should say she was diagnosed with it at that age but had it earlier has 2 children. She had complications with both of her babies but she was under great physicians that watched her closely. Her first baby was born at 7 1/2 months but weighed 6 pounds. Most of that weight was from steriods that his mom had to take. She had labor for 192 hours. This was extremely hard on her as well as the rest of the family. She was in the hospital taking medication to stop the labor. If they slowed it down the reduced the number of pills she took, then it would throw her back into hard labor. They finally took the baby boy by C-section. He did have breathing problems at birth but soon he was growing like a weed. Her second baby was due the end of February or 1st of March, she went into premature labor in September. She was put to bed for the duration. She wore a monitor at all times and she again had to take the pills to try and stop the labor. @ to 3 times a day she would have to dial a phone number, hook her monitor to the phone and transmit the info to a nurse who would call her to increase or decrease her medicine. Before she became pregnant with her 2nd baby she had to take chemo therapy and also under went plasmapheresis. We were concerned as to the effect it might have on the baby. She had to be hospitalized in November and of course the neonatologist, perinatologist as well as her lupus doctor and her OB doctor were all on standby. She was given mega doses of steroids to try and get the lungs to develop faster. She stayed in the hospital until she delivered in early Dec. She had the belly needle every other day to check for the brown spot in the fluid which would tell them if the lungs were ready. As I said she was born in early Dec. and was a big baby also, weighing in at 5 pounds. Two hours later she was in the critical care ICU nursery. Her birth weight had dropped to 3 pounds, she had aspirated into her lungs, didn't know how to suck. She had to be tube fed, kept under a light an given the medication for her lungs. She was on a monitor at all times for apnea. I'm proud to say even though her weight dropped lower than the 3 pounds, she was a fighter and gained up to 4 pounds in no time.
She was a little slower than some babies but by the time she was 14 months old she had caught up. Although, both pregnancies were hard on my daughter and we were upset about them, these two children are very special. I might add that our granddaughter is the Mississippi State Champion in Gymnastics age 9 Level 1. This was even her first year to compete. Our grandson is very atheletic and excels in most sports including golf. He is an honor student, we thank God every day for these special kids. I hope your friend will talk it over with her doctor before she would decide to terminate the pregnancy. This can be very tramatic for the lupus patient. It can also cause the lupus to flare due to the trauma. I wish her luck with what ever she decides to do. Bettye

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