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Re: Lupus in Grand Aunt!!!

Re: Lupus in Grand Aunt!!!

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Posted by Ele on July 16, 2000 at 16:22:20:

In Reply to: Lupus in Grand Aunt!!! posted by KK on July 10, 2000 at 23:18:40:

: Recently we found out that my aunt might have lupus and I was wondering what it is and how i can help her to feal better. She is 50 something now and my cousin said it was coming in late but would someone please have any advice??
: thanx

Hi there KK

I am a surviving Lupus patient. As far as my blood test shows that I am negative for Lupus.

I have had this challenge since 1991 the doctors said that I would always have the problem and would have to take steriods, which I did for 5 years. I decided to investigate the Alternatives, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, REIKI, Shen, meditation. All of these things worked in some way and have played, and IS still playing an important part in my life. Maybe you would like to do some investagations yourself. No two patients are alike.

I was not diagnosed until 2 years after the fact at which time all my organs were affected and very week. At this time I was given steroids which helped me with the pains, but it also give me time to do my own investagations. What I discovered was I was allergic to lots of things which I ate, so I went on a ellimnation diet to discover what foods cuased the allergic reaction. It took lots of determination and sacrifice, as I did have a family to take care of therefore I cooked for them too. The temptation was there all the time to eat whatever I cooked for them, but what kept me on tract was 'I thought of the pains when I ate these foods and that kept me away from it' smile it was hard but rewarding. Maybe that is where you could start.

I ate Potatoes for tea/lunch/dinner for three days then I started to add different things one at a time, as soon as I added the thing which caused an allergic reaction it would cause a flair up, this was even though I was on the steriods, (ONE THING I MUST SAY HERE IS THIS, I COOKED AND ATE EVERYTHING WITHIN 30 MINUTES AFTER IT WAS FINISED COOKING) I figured that as soon as the food cooled the bacteria would start to grow on the food. I never ate left overs, or anything which was finished cooking longer than an hour. It is very difficult I know but it kept me on my feet as I worked also.

Oh I forgot I also use Homopathic medication, maybe you could check that out too. If there is a homopathic doctor in your area. The person responsible for my recovery is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor he also does perscribe homopathic medicne.

There are lots more to this Dis-ease that meets the eye. There is also the emotional and stress links to this disease which time does not permit me to discuss here. THE MOST IMPORTING THING I MUST SAY IS THIS THAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE DISEASE there is a book called "Coping with Lupus" I cannot remember the name of the author at this point in time, you could read and be informed about the manythings you can do for yourself.

However I hope I have given you something to work with.

Must close now,
Love and Light
Ele Keep on seeing the good in all people

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