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Posted by cgntry on October 21, 2000 at 16:14:42:

I think I have a lot of the symtoms of SLE But the Dr. seems to think Im a hyprocondriac On my tombstone it should read 'see I told you I was sick' In June right after an infected navel peircing I became very sick.My face got the mylar rash,my dr. told me if it was Lupus the rash would be permanant well it went away after 3 weeks.I started to shake a lot,He asked if I drink I don't but he continued to ignore me.I started sweating a lot ,got acne and a rash on both sides of my neck.I had a fever a lot,nausea,dizziness,sore muscles,hair loss,memory loss,confusion to the point that I was afraid to leave my house,blurred vision felt like I could see there was something in my eye but could not get it out.I had photosensitivity,My throat was white and sore all the way down,I could not get rid of that ,Bladder,urinary,and yeast infections the dr. gave me antibiotics for nearly three months , A thyroid test and an hiv test ,and a cat scan,all came back negative but he said I had aBeta strep infection that was growing out!I was sick of antibiotics so I changed Doctors . They must have disscused me because immediatly I was treated like I had had hallucinations for three months.This dr. said he would give me the test for lupus it would take three weeks to come back and one week later told me it was negative and the mylar rash would have been permenant if it was Lupus .I am sick of hearing that because I have read in several books that it was not permenant just reocurring.My doctors have both said do you know how expensive a tt for lupus is they obviously have the payors interest at heart.The dr. I have now has made me an appointment with a dermatologist and this time I made myself an appointment with a seperate one that I will pay for myself just to see if they come up with the same opinion.If anyone has an opinion on any of this or can tell me what specialist I should look for let me know.If I don't go insane before someone helps me I will receive the messages you send


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