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Re: Tx. of Lyme's disease: Help; frustrated

Re: Tx. of Lyme's disease: Help; frustrated

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Posted by Regina on January 26, 2000 at 15:22:16:

In Reply to: Tx. of Lyme's disease: Help; frustrated posted by Paul Teixeira on December 13, 1999 at 15:56:18:

: I have been suffering with fatigue, headaches, sore throates, fogginess, some back and neck aches, anxiety & depression, weight gain for apx 5 years. I was healthy as a horse prior to that, I'm 35 now. i have seen many MDs over the past 5 years and diagnosed with depression, hypothyroid disease, allergies, mono. I have been treated for everything, by everyone with no significant change, or relief!!! I function okay, but it's a struggle sometimes, my life is very different b/c of the sx/s; mostly fatigue, headache, and fogginess. I first tested neg. for lymes. i went to a top notch infectious disease MD, who did a series of tests, including western blot, and said i have a very strong positive for LYME's, no doubtin her mind!!! Well, I was treated with doxycycline for apx 3.5 months, 200mg BID. I tolerated it for apx 2 mos but started getting really bad head aches, behind the eyes, realy burning, nausea slightly, and some dizziness. I finally had to stop after about a month of this , unbearable. MD said this could be the bacteria fighting, a good sign, or bad reaction to meds??? Anyhow i stopped, haven't had sore throates, or flu like sx's anymore, but still have fatigue, headaches a little, although not as bad, slowly disappearing after stopping meds for apx 2 weeks. MD sugests I could change to different med, or try IV antibiotics. I don't know what to do?? She dosn't even know if I'm still having Lyme sx's, or sx's from something else. I need advice??? Do I even have it???? Don't recall a tic bite, not the outdoors type!!! Does lymes cause severe, burning headaches behind the eyes, eyes even hurt, or can antibiotic side effects cause this?? Need answers!!! Desperate!!!

Dear Paul:

It looks like you are going through hell and uncertainty right now. Before I begin, your last
name is Portuguese! It just ironic because I am of Portuguese descent and have never
come across a portuguese person suffering from lymes. Anyway, I was sick for 1
year before I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and these last six months have been hell.
I am currently on IV treatment had an allergic reaction, and just started my second dose
of IV treatment today. How exciting. You seem confused about your illness. I am not
a dr. but it does sound like you have lyme disease. Where do you live? You should go and
see a lyme literate dr. to better guide you on your road to recovery. About the IV treatment,
I am currently on it and feel this will get me better. Although I have had some problems over
the last few weeks, I am confident that in several months I will be back at work and feeling
good again. I used to be healthy like a horse, until one morning I woke up and couldn't
walk and my nightmare began a year and half ago.
I would give you an e-mail address but I do not have a computer at home and I am at the library
right now. Please let me know how you are doing through this message board. I live in NJ and
have a great lyme dr. If it wasn't for this dr. I would be dead today. Good Luck! on your
road to recovery I hope that you find a dr. who will help you, if not Keep in Touch! Regina!

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