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lyme now, misdiagnosis before

lyme now, misdiagnosis before

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Posted by tamra k carles on January 27, 2000 at 18:32:41:

greetings. i've been suffering fr lyme disease for 7-8 yrs. i was 1st diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia, which i objected to. i went to another doc, who treated my pain w/ antidepressant. i was happy to be able to function @ some level, but made difficult decisions b/c of my limitations. ie: chose school over work & racked up a lg student loan; couldn't make a relationship work; accepted a less challenging job making less $ than i am "capable" of earning. last fall i got the lesions and was finally sent to a specialist. in the 4 mos prior i was told i had a staph infection, ringworm and/or herpes. i'm now in my 11th wk of intravenious antibiotics (i go to the hospital everyday for these). while i'm feeling better overall, i am not well and i do not expect to be well very soon (there's always hope however). i travel 80miles each way every 2wks to see my physician & hope always to be having a "good day" when it is time to do this. my disability insurance co gives my doctor and myself alot of flack over the benefits i paid for & my company doesn't pay for my health insurance while i'm disabled. luckily, the state is willing to pick up their slack and for this i am grateful. every benefit i have received i have caused to happen, concentrating on this moreso than on healing b/c nobody's going to cover my ___ for me. thus far i have managed not to lose my home, seemingly by the grace of God. frustrated is an understatement, but powerless i am not. everywhere i go i tell my story -spreading awareness is my only consolation & it's not much of a prize. nonetheless, i go on towards what i hope will be wellness and just treatment. if your experiences have been similar feel free to contact me for sharing.

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