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Lymes Disease

Lymes Disease

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Posted by Paige Montgomery on March 14, 2000 at 13:07:13:

Last October 1999, I began to feel very fatigued, had arthritis and ashma symptoms. I went to a local small town doctor who said it was just allergies and sent me home. I knew it wasn't just allergy related. One afternoon, about two months later, I was talking to my mother about the symptoms and she referred me to her physician. Within 15 minutes, that physician corrected diagnosed me with Lymes Disease. He ordered a Western Blot test that took 2 weeks to get back; however, when it came back, it was positive for Lymes. I took two rounds of doxycycline. I feel better, but still have days that I can't focus, joints ache, and I just feel exhausted. I am what is known as a "Carrier" I still have the disease; however, I've been told if I rest and keep the stress level down, it may not ever strike again - full blown.
For all the ladies who have experienced this - - BLESS YOU. It is a horrible experience and very hard to detect. I don't think it strikes everyone the same, because for example, I didn't have any nausea, just pain in the joints, and extreme fatigue, and headaches.
I know how I contacted the disease. A friend, who is also a physician, had found an orphaned baby deer. He cared for the deer about two weeks. I picked it up and bottle fed it. I never saw a tick on my body, but obviously, the tick bit me or was too small for me to notice.
To the lady who asked for words of wisdom, here are mine...God allows things to happen that we may not understand, but he'll not put anymore on us than we can bare. He can heal us, if he so chooses; however, if he doesn't choose to heal us for whatever reason, I'll continue to thank him for my life here on earth, because you see I'm striving for a better place, where earthly heartache, pain and cares will be no more. God didn't have to give me life or continue to give me life. I owe him my life. He gave his life so that we could have eternal life. This mortal life here is just temporary.

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