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Re: Lyme can't take any more..........

Re: Lyme can't take any more..........

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Posted by Anonymous on August 04, 2000 at 21:54:31:

In Reply to: Lyme can't take any more.......... posted by Wanting to die and lyme on July 23, 2000 at 00:45:12:

Dear Desperate,

I am a person who recovered from Lyme Disease. I am completely well. I had Lyme for three years before I realized the doctors did not know how to get me well. I was losing my eyesight, severe pain, no memory and I was kind of crazy (from the lyme) I did it with Colloidal Silver. I took large doses throughout the day just like my IV and other meds (that did not work for me).I went off the IV and on to the CS. IV did not make me well, everyone relapses when they come off IV if it even helps at all. It should be good quality CS that is used one of the brands I mentioned, should be store purchased NOT HOME MADE. I recommend, Innovative Natural Products 500 ppm CS (dilute with distilled water). Or StaYoung Colloidal Silver 10ppm (No Dilution). It needs to be a pretty yellow color, quite brite.You need to adjust the dose based on severity of the infection and body weight. NO I DONT SELL COLLOIDAL SILVER, I love CS because it saved my life. I am only explaining how I got well. I took 10ppm CS the StaYoung four oz three times per day. Somedays I may have even taken more. I just took it and plenty of it. It will make you ill when the Lyme starts to die, it is not the CS making you ill it is the Toxins/Herxheimer Reaction. I would start off with an oz three times per day and work up. Every few days increase the dose. Don't miss doses and try to take on an empty stomach. Drink at least a few glasses of water throughout the day. It kills the Lyme by depriving it of an enzyme it needs to live. They are suffocated without this enzyme. CS is non toxic. I am well and still take it daily to maintain good health. No colds, flue etc. CS kills Bacteria and Viral Infections. God gave man a beautiful thing when he gave us the natural super antibiotic called silver. Please give this a try.


: Where can I get help???????I have had lyme disease for 15 prime years I have lost
: lyme disease. I went from someone who couldn't find enough time in the day to
: everthing that they wanted to , to now praying for death...Physical
: death that is as i allready am dead inside, from dealing with the pain. physical, emotional,spirtual
: to deal with this I have just numbed myself...beat myself down. I think even if I were to get better today
: the scares are so deep I will never feel anything again.
: Just look at this I write and spell like an 8 year old if that....

: Desperate

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